Leica M9

My Leica M9, originally uploaded by juicyrai.

A funny Leica M9 hybrid picture (above) and a M9 rumor from rangefinderforum (below):

"The M9 will have a target price as the same as the current M8.2
It will be at least 14-18MP
There will be a special IR filter.
Full Frame.
Will be announced after Photokina 2010."

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  • JP Semery

    Oh and it comes with a film winder.

    This is a Voigtlander Bessa-R

  • http://reportagesphotos.fr/ shog

    Il s’agit d’un bessa R2,

  • http://www.kamerabericht.de KameraBericht

    But a well done job though

  • http://www.tomislavstanich.com Tomislav Stanich

    Very clever, but unreal.

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