Leica X1 firmware update v2.0 before and after AF speed comparison (video)

Two days ago Leica released new firmware for their X1 camera. The new firmware mainly contains improvements in the AF/MF functionality - for example the depth of field scale is displayed when in manual focusing mode:

The autofocus is now twice as fast - I did a quick video of the AF speed before and after the firmware upgrade. With the old firmware it took aprox. 2 seconds to autofocus in low light. With v2.0 the autofocus time is aprox. 1sec (for both 1 and 11 AF points):

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  • http://www.kristiandowling.com Kristian Dowling

    Nice improvement, and just in time for the X100 (US) release 😉

  • Soeren Engelbrecht

    For version 2.1, I want it to be a user option to show either metres or feet. It’s not like it’s an engraving, you know :-)

  • dan

    Dear all,

    I have downloaded the V2.0 but I got a .upd file

    Do you how to unzip or use this upd file ? I cannot open it.

    Thank you !!!

    Read more on LeicaRumors.com: http://leicarumors.com/2011/03/28/leica-x1-firmware-update-v2-0-is-now-official.aspx/#ixzz1IAyI2vds

  • Dfresh

    jpg quality at iso100 is shit.
    no sharpness to many artefacts!
    where is the improvement????

  • dan

    HELP !!! HELP !!! HELP !!! HELP !!!

    Dear all,

    I have downloaded the V2.0 but I got a .upd file

    Do you how to unzip or use this upd file ? I cannot open it.

    Thank you !!!

    • dan

      it is said “unzip the file”.

      How can I unzip a UPD file ?

      Which software to use ?

      Thank you !

      Read more on LeicaRumors.com: http://leicarumors.com/2011/03/30/leica-x1-firmware-update-v2-0-before-and-after-af-speed-comparison-video.aspx/#ixzz1ICgzvHYk

      • Rick

        You don’t have to unzip an upd file.

        1.If you have upd file install it directly on your card. Disconnect your leica from your computer, turn it off.

        2. Turn on your leica and press info in the same time, accept to install the firmware

        3. go to section reset to factory settings, it will work.

    • shaun

      I had problem unzipping the file with my Mac. I switched to my netbook running on Windows which worked. If you are using Mac, try it on Windows.

      • Chaiporn

        Just save the unzipped file on your card and insert it into your Leica x1. The unzipping process will be automatically done in the camera. Just follow the rest of the instruction. I got everything done in just a few minutes.

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