Leica photographers: Bruce Gilden

This is a new video of Bruce Gilden shooting on the streets of Derby, England:

Check also this older video of Bruce Gilden.

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  • MG

    Gotta love Bruce!

  • MF

    I think this guy is obnoxious …

  • regular

    Raymond Depardon doing street photography:

  • http://myleicablog.blogspot.com/ Lainer

    Moot, not mute. Argh!

  • James

    Gotta say Bruce is one of a kind, I wonder how many times he has got punched in the mouth.

    • http://www.adammarelliphoto.com/ Adam Marelli

      I heard Bruce say he was only punched once on the street. Cant remember where I saw the video, but he said, to his surprise he was only hit one time.

      • http://www.sergioodca.tk Sergio

        He was punched in Brooklyn or Manhattan years ago. And yes, that was the only time this happened to him (according to Bruce).

  • http://www.dmitrykiyatkin.com D

    He is quite lovable in this video. Makes me want to take his workshop.

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