Sample photos taken with the new Leica M-Mount A12 Ricoh GXR unit

Thephoblographer published some sample images taken with the new Leica M mount A12 unit for Ricoh GXR during hurricane Irene in Queens, NY. I contacted Thephoblographer and they sent me some pictures of the new A12 GXR unit (they will soon have a detailed review of the combo online):

More info on the Ricoh GXRA12 Leica M-Mount unit is available here.

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  • Mark

    I see that he couldn’t be bothered to focus properly.

  • blabla

    No, he was focusing on some dust particles to test the sharpness of the lenses but of course we can’t see that on web sized pictures…

  • MJr

    These shots are rubb-ish !

    • Kyu Foo

      Rubbish, focus, bull. Look at the images, instead of blurting your stupidity. Do you see the vignettage and light fall-off on some images? Probably not, you would have to take your head out of your bottom…
      APS-C sensor = focal x 1.5
      If we use basically the center of a lens coverage and images have technical problems, that is the information any real photographer will be concerned about.

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