Leica Camera announces S-Adapter C for Contax 645 lenses


Leica Camera is pleased to introduce the Leica S-Adapter C which will be available from this June. With this adapter, Contax 645 lenses can be used with the Leica S (Typ 007), Leica S2 and Leica S2-P cameras. The adapter enables owners of the Contax 645 system to switch effortlessly to the Leica S System. The Leica S-Adapter C when used with Contax 645 lenses on any of the Leica S cameras offers the following:

  • Autofocus and manual focus with focus confirmation
  • Automatic aperture
  • Using the EXIF data of lenses of Contax 645 system
  • Use of corrective lens profiles for the Contax 645 system when converting the RAW files in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop.

When using the adapter with Contax 645 lenses, the aperture is selected with the manual mode or the automatic setting of the camera.

Stefan Pick, Contax photographer for many years, was the first to test the S-Adapter C in conjunction with the Leica Stand Contax 645-lenses. Stefan Pick said, “Initially, I was pessimistic about the adapter solution, but already from the first use I was enormously surprised how quickly and how well the auto focus on the Leica S works - faster than on Contax system in the past. The image quality as a result of the combination of Contax lenses on the Leica S is gigantic. Therefore, the connection of the Leica S with the Leica S-Adapter C is an extremely affordable entry-level solution to the Leica S-System and a better quality solution as a digital back, for photographers who own the Contax lenses from the past.

The Leica S-Adapter C supports the following lenses from the Contax 645 system:

  • Distagon T* 3.5 / 35 mm
  • Distagon T* 2.8 / 45 mm
  • Distagon T* 3.5 / 55 mm
  • Planar T* 2.8 / 80 mm
  • Apo-Makro-Planar T* 4 / 120 mm
  • Sonnar T* 2.8 / 140 mm
  • Sonnar T* 4 / 210 mm
  • Tele-Apotessar T* 4 / 350 mm
  • Vario-Sonnar T* 4.5 / 45-90 mm
  • Mutar 1.4x T*
  • Auto Extension Ring 13 mm
  • Auto Extension Ring 26 mm
  • Auto Extension Ring 52 mm

The Leica S-Adapter C does not support auto-focus for the following components:

  • Apo-Makro-Planar T*4 / 120 mm as it is a MF lens
  • Automatic bellows
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  • Hans Einar Johannessen

    I assume it is a typo…my 80mm Planar is ƒ1:2,0..

  • Clint

    $2000 for a $200 (and that’s generous) lens adapter LOL. Only in the land of Leica….

    • AMJ

      well everything is upscailed , 200$ adapter for a 2000$ camera and 2000$ adapter for a 20k$ camera , and yes leica-land !

      • MJr

        Yeah no, still insane. I get that it’s Leica German precision and brand and basically made on-order and everything, so make it $499, but not two freaking thousand ! I like Leica fine, but this is insane.

        • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

          “Leica German precision”

          Umm no… There’s a thing called German precision but Leica isn’t the best example of it. For starters, they’re not even made in Germany.


          In fact, I would call Leica an insult. Try to find out how many brand new BMW or Merc owners had their engines cracked or wheels out of alignment upon delivery from the factory. So yeah…

          • http://www.facebook.com/heinz.richter.7 Heinz Richter

            They are not made in Germany? What planet do you live on?

          • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

            On a planet where people can click on a link and read.

          • El Aura

            Do you know which Leica products are made in Germany, which in Portugal and which in Asia? No, you don’t because Leica isn’t very specific about this. It was rumoured that the X1 (and probably X2) were largely manufactured in Asia with only some final assembly in Germany but how that split exactly is is not really publicly known. Ditto for the M9 which certainly receives its final assembly in Germany but which some people claim is made to a significant part in Portugal. Regarding the S and the lenses, the opinion is that they are probably made mostly in Germany. And the Panaleicas naturally are made in Asia.

          • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

            Let’s not get out of context here… the original claim was Leica had “German precision”. Maybe that needs clarifying first.

          • Phobiz

            All of your comments are the ramblings of somebody who I imagine has never used or experienced Leica products? They are beautifully engineered, and stunningly crafted instruments that are made with pure function and simplicity at heart, and not one other camera manufacturer aims for this anymore, I commend Leica for ‘doing it their way’ and keeping their core values, yes, they have had issues with QC etc, but have you ever experienced Leica after-sales support? Those human beings that you speak to (rather than never seeing a rep from Canikon etc, are genuinely interested in helping and I’ve always been amazed by their level of service, Leica will always have petty haters who can’t afford the kit and have never tried it, who just love to hate for the sake of it.

          • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

            First, man/woman-up and register your alias.

            “All of your comments are the ramblings of… They are beautifully engineered, and stunningly crafted instruments that are made with pure function and simplicity at heart”

            My ramblings are based on evidence whereas your ramblings are based on warm feelings.

            “, and not one other camera manufacturer aims for this anymore”

            My question to you is, how is someone with such limited experience and knowledge of the subject of cameras gather up the courage to come and make claims that are far beyond the scope of what you know?

            “yes, they have had issues with QC etc.”

            Thank you confirming my original point about their poor quality.

            “but have you ever experienced Leica after-sales support? Those human beings that you speak to (rather than never seeing a rep from Canikon etc, are genuinely interested in helping and I’ve always been amazed by their level of service”

            Because the others are more reliable so the company doesn’t need to put a lot of money in to damage control. Remember the IR cut filter fiasco with the M8? The cracked M9 sensors? The RFs that are frequently out of alignment?

            And who cares about your run-ins with tech support people who’ve had a weekend of training? I’ve interacted directly with the owner/designer of cameras when I’ve needed support, at times.

            Also Canon and Nikon are 2 out of 15 different companies from which I have cameras/lenses. What’s your experience based on?

            “Leica will always have petty haters who can’t afford the kit and have never tried it, who just love to hate for the sake of it.”

            You do realise that you’re telling this to a guy who spends $25 per exposure just for the media (no scanning/printing). Yes… $25 for one shot. I have media that costs me over $75 per shot.
            Subtract the future resale value of your Leica body from the purchase price and divide it by the number of shots you would have shot with it by then. Let’s see who’s a petty _and_ ignorant hater who can’t afford real cameras LOL

          • Phobiz

            Whilst I do not claim to be an authority on the subject, and nor would I aspire to be, and then waste my time trying to prove it on forums as it seems you are interested in doing, I do in fact have knowledge of many different camera systems, having used several Medium format film platforms over the years in the past, Canon/Nikon for around 10 years, and subsequently getting rid of all of my DSLR kit after becoming a Leica M user, I personally enjoy the shooting experience far more. Which is of course subjective.

            During the last 5 years I have been using Hasselblad’s H3d, and a 39 Imacon-Based Back, which has produced great files, some of which I am convinced are my best work, however I have always detested the build quality, general reliability, and the fact that to achieve optimum lens performance, I am forced to use ‘optimum’ apertures, such as f/11 on the standard 80mm objective.

            Since renting the S2, I am now absolutely a convert to the S-System, Leica have addressed a number of issues with Medium format photography, which in my experience made them unusable in many scenarios, such as dire weather proofing with the Hasselblad and PhaseOne systems, and truly remarkable lens performance across almost all apertures and every focal length (that I’ve tried so far)

            Also regarding the high price for the adapter, I think it’s worth bearing in mind, that if you have a large investment in these Contax 645 lenses, this offers you a very cost effective option, to revitalise your obsolete lens range, and render them useful with an exceptional camera body.

            Anyway, these are my subjective views, I am certainly in no way interested in arguing with you, and why you felt the need to ‘LOL’ afterwards is beyond me.

    • fiatlux

      To be fair, you wont find a $200 adapter maintaining AF, EXIF recording and aperture control across systems. The only other such adapter I know is the EOS-NEX smart adapter from metabones (400$).

      • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

        Conurus made an AF adapter for 35mm Contax to EF.

  • scott

    Wow… $2000 for a metal ring with some electronic contacts, so that you can use your S2 with a camera system that has been discontinued. I would rather get a used Contax 645 body, WITH A LENS for $3500 (just cursory check on eBay). No adapter needed

  • george

    2,000 is not that bad if the run is only 50. Engineering & production drawings probably ran 10,000 + . However what concerns me is that they are promoting use of off brand lenses, and not producing their own.

    I hope they are not just trying to sell off the bodies with the lure of compatibility, and drop the system when the parts run out.

    • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

      “I hope they are not just trying to sell off the bodies with the lure of compatibility, and drop the system when the parts run out.”

      Compatibility is a nice thing to have. It lets people shoot now with what they have and later get native lenses when they become available. It’s a win-win. See Canon’s EF mount and Sony’s Nex line, for example.

      • george

        I hope you are correct and this is a step to the future of a complete professional system without compromise. Hasselblad used to be that, and the prices for the day were also astronomical. Low run perfection has a high cost.

  • http://twitter.com/antodechav Anto de Chav

    This adaptor is obviously made in small quantity and R&D investment has to be returned,there are people who own a lot of con tax glass and this gives them and opportunity to use it on a modern dual shutter medium format camera..for some people it will be worth the cash..

  • LeicaIsFunny

    2000 for a ring with some contacts? Maybe a little 10$ chip on top? If their other products are priced with the same “strategy”, they could sell an S2 for 5000 and still turn a decent income.

    Either they are ultra greedy, or ultra inefficient. Either case, my money stays in the old chestnut box.

    • V

      Maybe you should produce it cheaper if it’s so easy? there is a ton of money to be made! …not.

      Medium format is a small market, you have to have high prices to get return on the R&D. besides, if you don’t own a contax medium format system – you are not the target. Come back when you have one collecting dust, this might be a great investment for a proffessional who want a digital alternative. Price is usually not an issue for those.

  • Daryl

    $2,000 is a ton of money to spend on this adapter but I have a dead Contax system that I love, this provides a method for my lenses to live on.
    Conurus does convert an adatper but only for Canon, no advantage to use mf lenses when ZE is available, let alone some greats such as the 85/1.2. Should be interesting to see if these Zeiss lenses now start to rise in value, similar to the Leica R glass position several years ago. Some of these lenses can be found for $500, they originally sold for $1000 to $2000 or more.

  • Rolleiflex

    And please now an adapter allowing Schneider-Kreuznach and Zeiss lenses with Rolleiflex 6000 mount to be used on the Leica S2 !

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