Theory behind digital Leica M focus bracketing (video)

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  • Dean

    Would love to know why this guy’s videos are posted here. Some sort of payment i would assume. I know it’s real easy to comment on how much of a joke this guy is and how poor his photography is, but what is going on here? This guy is obviously some sort of trust fund kid with tons of money to buy leica gear and travel to europe to shoot “models” so he can call himself an international photographer. His website shows no professional jobs where he has been payed and yet he is sponsered by Miami Leica to make instructional videos. Something smells fishy here. Would love to here the real story on this guy. Solely because I don’t think this guy knows what a fool he looks like.

    • Dean

      Please excuse the gramatical errors. I’m on my typing on my phone.

    • Neopulse

      Don’t bash the guy if you don’t know him personally. I have seen a
      couple of his vids and he isn’t bad. Every photographer has a certain
      style of shooting. Just because it isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean
      you should post something negative. The only thing though I will comment
      on is his lack of using a mic. I think it would’ve made things more
      clear than to hear an echo of sorts as he speaks :-/

      If I spot him in Miami this winter I’ll ask him about his work. He definitely points out something important about Leica glass, and that it is amazingly well-crafted.

      And for the record, I’m no sponsored by Leica or anything like that. I just give credit where it is due.

      • Dean

        It’s not personal. It’s the fact that his photography is poor and he is making instructional videos when he clearly has little knowledge about photography. As a professional photographer who has studied photography and made a living being a photographer, he is disturbing. Has nothing to do with my preference. I can appreciate all types of art/photography just as long as it is well done.

        • Neopulse

          Well you do have to remember when doing a paid shoot, usually the photographer is JUST the photographer and nothing else. This video probably was one he could record and possibly have some degree of legal rights to show. Chances are the way the photos were presented were not by his criteria, but of the art director or the actual client themselves. Just saying… not trying to defend him. Just pointing out the obvious stuff that people tend to forget about what goes on behind the lens.

          • Mark

            Scott must be cursed with some of the worst art directors in the industry. By the way…Has anyone seen any published work other than these hidious videos?

          • Neopulse

            Believe it or not, it takes a lot of spine to go against a client’s wishes. What matters in the end unfortunately is the paycheck.

          • Mark

            And it takes integrety to make sure that the client gets the best work possible. Any 1st year photographer can give the client their vision. It takes a true professional to take a client’s vision to new heights and give them the shot that they couldn’t imagine. Collaboration between the art director, photographer and photographer is key to producing superior work, and superior paychecks. We’re paid to be part of the creative process, not just push the button.

            I still want to see some work he’s done for clients…ads, web, point of purchase…anything. So far, all I’ve seen is personal work. If this guy wants credibility from the photo community, he might want to show off some of his paid stuff. All that’s available is a lot of really bad work along with a poor attempt at marketing himself.

            There’s no shame in being an amature photographer with aspirations of breaking into the professional world. He’s just an amateur with some pricy equipment. Good for him. He just needs to be based in reality.

            So, Neopulse…do you actually think this is quality work from an international fashion photographer?

          • Neopulse

            Umm…. no actually. I don’t think it is at all.

          • Dean

            Yes, I am familiar with the process, I do it every day. I guess I’m just more fascinated and amused by Mr.Morvay and his “international photography” lifestyle. It’s the only reason I can’t get enough of his videos…They’re hilarious!

      • Mark

        Pointing out the obvious about Leica glass gives him credibility? The obvious is that without talent, any camera will never make a difference.

        • Neopulse

          Gives him credibility? No, not at all. Everyone shoots with what they want to. And what I wanted to kinda say is that with a rangefinder and manual focus isn’t as easy as it seems unless you have plenty of practice. And enough practice to do a shoot using it. And of course what you said about lack of talent, yeah kind of a given.

  • fanboy

    I think Leica should consider paying him to stop making videos about Leica gear.

    Honestly, the theory behind focus bracketing… Improve your chances to get a sharp image. 4 minutes and 37 seconds of a crappy and disturbing video to say just that…

  • Benjamin Moritz

    Well, he IS a smart dresser! ;) … and not sure the videographer here deserves many laurels either

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    International fashion photographer? Without a proper website? And being an international fashion photographer who exactly are his clients? Google his name and all that comes up is social media campaigns. Not one pro shoot that I can find.

    Being a trust fund kid with the spare cash to buy expensive cameras, travel the world, and pay models to pose for you doesn’t make you an “international fashion photographer”. It makes you a rich dude with a camera that pays chicks to let you take pictures of them.

    You’d think with all of his spare cash he could hire a production company to shoot a proper video.

  • crumpocket

    At least I know what Saul is doing now that he’s out of the legal field.

  • Mark

    This guy is an insult to those of us who make our living behind a camera.

  • Mark


    Leica called and they want their equipment back.

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