New Novoflex SL/NIK lens adapter (using Nikon lenses on Leica SL camera)

New Novoflex SL/NIK lens adapter to be announced at Photokina (for using Nikon lenses on Leica SL camera):


In one week we'll be launching our second electronic lens adapter for the Leica SL camera, which allows for a number of electronic camera functions to be transferred to the lens. The new SL/NIK lens adapter allows the connection of current Nikon E-type NIKKOR (with electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism) lenses at the Leica SL.

Currently, 13 Nikon E-type NIKKOR lenses and teleconverters are compatible with the new adapter, both fixed focal length lenses, zoom lenses and two tilt/shift lenses. The electronic Leica SL adapter, as its counterpart for Canon - naturally "Made in Germany" - supports the following functions: autofocus, aperture control, AF/MF mode and the depth of field indicator (MF). In addition, the EXIF data for aperture and focal length setting are transferred.

Novoflex also has a new SL adapter for PL-mount cine lenses:
Few months ago Novoflex introduced new universal bellows for macro photography with the Leica SL:
and a new tripod collar ASTAT-SL (also for the Leica SL):
In the US you can check pricing and availability of Novoflex adapter at B&H. Additional information is available on Novoflex Facebook page and their official website.

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  • This is strange, why only E-type lenses? There aren’t very many of them, I would think it would be much more useful if it also handled G lenses, like the 70-200 f/2.8 and the newer 80-400 f/4.5-5.6.

    The adapter is also $850 at the Leica Store Miami, which seems like a lot of money for an adapter. That’s almost 1/5th the cost of the 24-90 lens, and that’s the only lens it would fully allow me to use. Might be better to bite the bullet and get the SL 24-90, especially since I think it’s of higher optical quality than the Nikon 24-70 (albeit twice the price).

    • Lee

      As I understand it, E-type apertures are fully electronic like Canon EF lenses but G-type apertures must be operated mechanically by a lever protruding from the mount. Perhaps you could build an adapter to do it but it would be much more expensive and given the SL’s price the market, despite the wider range of compatible lenses, would probably not be big enough to justify it.

      • Mistral75

        The answer is simpler than that: the adapter with mechanical aperture ring for using Nikon G lenses on Leica SL already exists; product code is LET/NIK and price is €169.

        The models ***/NIK, ***/MIN-AF, ***/PENT as well as all adapters named “NT” (for Nikon, Sony Alpha / Minolta AF and Pentax K lenses) are equipped with an integrated aperture control ring and can also be used with lenses that do not come with manual aperture control ring anymore.

        • TS Sim

          But do they maintain AF capability?

          • Mistral75

            No, at least not the mechanical one.

          • Adam Fo

            The article says yes for the new one

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