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Leica EVIL mirrorless solution

Amateur Photographer and British Journal of Photography stand behind their Leica mirrorless camera reporting

BJP and AP issued a joint statement based on the recent comments form Leica executives that their comments on the mirrorless camera were misrepresented during previous interviews: BJP and AP stand by their reporting of comments made by Leica representatives during a wide-ranging interview with UK journalists in Paris in June 2011.The magazines absolutely refute any […]

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What happened to the Leica mirrorless system camera?

In a recent interview with Leica executives l-camera-forum asked about the previously rumored Leica mirrorless system camera: Question: An EVIL system camera has been announced some time ago. Can we still expect one? Stefan Daniel: We do not speculate. We’re not happy about the interview which started that rumour. We feel that it rather misrepresented what was said. […]

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Pretty damn close!

Yes, the spy pictures I published few weeks ago were indeed of the new Leica M digital rangefinder. My mockups were pretty close too. The red herring was the Leica mirrorless camera. The R lenses solution was implemented in the new M digital rangefinder and the M-E is the “cheaper” Leica mirrorless camera.

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Leica M10 with video at Photokina, mirrorless interchangeable lens camera could be delayed

In an interview with BJP, Dr. Andreas Kaufmann hinted that Leica may not be ready with their new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera system for Photokina 2012: “We can’t produce enough of what we already have. There’s a project in place, but no timeframe. But you should come to our event on 17 September to see what we have.” […]

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Leica’s CEO talks mirrorless again

In a recent interview with Asiaone, Leica Camera CEO Alfred Schopf mentioned again their future plans for a new system camera that will fit between the current M and X lines: “We are at the borderline of compact-system cameras already, with the Leica X1 and Leica M-System, and it’s pretty obvious that, at one point, we are […]

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Leica’s new compact mirrorless system camera: priced between the X1 and M9, compatible with M-mount lenses

Richard Swan from Leica UK shared some details on their upcoming compact mirrorless system camera with TechRadar. The new product line will be placed somewhere between the X1 and M9 in terms of pricing. As previous reprots indicated, the camera will have at least an APS-C sized sensor. Another interesting comment was that “any future […]

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Interviews with Andreas Kaufmann and Stefan Daniel

The Invisiblephotographer published an interview with Andreas Kaufmann taken after the M9-P announcement. This is the recap: The new 25,000 square meter facility Leitz Park 2 will be able to double the products turnover over the next 4 years. Dr. Kaufmann on the Leica M10: “Usually, this industry has cycles in the 2-years range, which is […]

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