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Leica M10 interview: why no video, where is the “Typ” label, compressed DNG files and more

A very intersting interview on the new Leica M10 camera with Stefan Daniel (Director of Product Management) dan Jesko von Oeyenhausen (Product Manager of Leica M) courtesy of Enche Tjin: Most of us are curious to know why the video function is removed from M10? Stefan : The point is that we have intensive customer survey. […]

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New leather half case for Leica M10 from Angelo Pelle

Angelo Pelle announced a new half case model for the Leica M10 with a slim design that is adjusted to perfectly fit the camera body. The case also features an optional built-in metal grip on the front to aid camera handling. The inner finishing is done with an extra high-quality suede leather. A removable back […]

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Here is your Leica M10-D

Remember the Leica M-D? The digital rangefinder without an LCD screen on the back? Well, you can now get a similar no-chimping experience with the M10 if you buy one of the new Leica leather half-cases (available in three different colors): The half case has a removable cover on the back that completely covers the LCD screen […]

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Leica Q vs. Leica M10 high ISO comparison *UPDATED*

I did a quick Leica Q vs. Leica M10 high ISO comparison where you can clearly see that the M10 has better low light capabilities compared to the almost two years old Q: Update – I had to process the M10 files again because Adobe Lightroom automatically adds luminance noise reduction by default (this is not […]

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Leica M10 support in Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw

Adobe posted a note on their blog – the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw already have support for the new Leica M10 camera (a list of all supported Leica cameras can be found here):

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The sensor inside the Leica M10 is not the same as the sensor in the Leica SL

After publishing his Leica M10 review last week, Sean Reid ( posted a new article comparing the color, resolution and noise performance (at various ISO levels) of the Leica M10, M 240 and SL cameras. With Sean’s permission, I will share two conclusions from his review (Reid Reviews accepts no advertising and is supported by […]

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Leica M10 vs. M vs. M9 vs. M6 vs. Q vs. SL size comparison

one last comparison: #Leica Q, M-E, MP, M10 A photo posted by LeicaRumors 🔴 (@leicarumors) on Jan 19, 2017 at 7:56am PST Several size comparisons between the new M10 and other Leica cameras:

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