Leica M 240 price increase coming on September 1st

In addition to the new M-P, there is another Leica news today: I just received this email from Leica Store Miami - the price of the black and silver chrome Leica M 240 cameras will go up to $7,250 on September 1, 2014:

"Price Increase on Leica M (Typ 240)

Leica Camera has announced that effective September 1, 2014 there will be a price increase on the Leica M (Typ 240) camera in both black and silver chrome.

Currently, both cameras are priced at $6,950. Starting September 1, 2014 both will be priced at $7,250. To purchase a Leica M (Typ 240) at the current price of $6,950 your order must be placed before September 1, 2014."

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New Leica M-P 240 camera announced

Leica Camera announced a new Leica M-P 240 digital rangefinder with few improvements over the basic M 240 model:

  • Scratch resistant display-cover made of sapphire glass
  • Long-lasting readiness to capture due to a large double sized image buffer of 2GB (possible to shoot up to 24 images in full continuous speed of 3 fps)
  • Pure look without the Leica Logo and “M” lettering on the front side
  • Manual viewfinder frame selection with the traditional ‘frame selector‘

The new model is priced at $7,950 and is currently available for pre-order in black and silver chrome.

Update #1: the price of the regular Leica M 240 camera will be going up on September 1st, 2014.

Update #2: the new Leica M-P is also available for pre-order at B&H, Leica Store SF and Adorama (black and silver chrome).

The large buffer size of 2 GB makes it possible to shoot up to 24 images in full continuous speed of 3 frames per second. With such a buffer size, the new Leica M-P is ready to shoot at almost anytime, thus, the ‘decisive moment’ is never missed.

With the reduced, classic look, without the Leica logo, the Leica M-P has an unobtrusive appearance making it a professional tool with a unique identity. The sapphire glass is extremely scratch resistant and unbreakable, an appealing feature to professional photographers. Leica Camera is the only manufacturer that offers sapphire glass as a camera display protection. The Leica M-P has the classic image field selector which is another appealing feature to professional photographers and avid Leica M users.

The Leica M-P in silver chrome finish will be available from next week while the black paint finish version will be available from mid-September. There are new protectors and ever ready cases designed for the the Leica M-P which will be available from mid-September. The new case designs will accommodate the frame selector on the M-P. Current protectors and ever ready cases cannot be used with the Leica M-P. Other technical accessories such as the multi-functional handgrip M, electronic viewfinder EVF 2, R-Adapter M for the M (Typ 240) can be used with the Leica M-P.

Press release:

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How about a Leica digital rangefinder without LCD screen?

Leica MP silver rangefinder camera
Rumors about a Leica digital rangefinder without LCD screen have been floating for a while, but lately I keep receiving tips from various sources that Leica may actually announce such a camera at Photokina - it will be a special limited edition that will have an ISO dial on back instead of a LCD screen. The camera will only capture color uncompressed RAW files and will have the same sensor as in the M 240. The thickness and dimensions will also be similar to the M240. The new camera will be simplified with less dials/buttons and no video recording capabilities. The selling price will be higher than the M 240 ($6,950.00). For now, take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Would you buy such a camera? Here is a poll:

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Leica UK announces M part exchange program

This just in: Leica UK announces M part exchange program. Here is the full press release:

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Lomography’s new RUSSAR+ 20mm f/5.6 lens for Leica M mount delayed till September

The new 20mm f/5.6 RUSSAR+ ART lens for Leica L39 and M mounts from Lomography is delayed and will start shipping in September (was initially scheduled for July):

Additional information on this lens and some sample images can be found here and on Lomography's website.

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Updated list of rumored/expected new Leica products for Photokina

Here is an updated list from my previous post on the rumored/expected new Leica products for Photokina:

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The new silver chrome Leica M Monochrom camera is now in stock

The new silver chrome Leica M Monochrom camera is now in stock at:

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