Firmware update version 1.5 for Leica T released

Leica T typ 701 mirrorless camera hands-on review 5
Today Leica released firmware update version 1.5 for the Leica T camera (direct download link, manual, instructions). The changes in this update are:

Performance Improvements:

  • WiFi DIRECT Mode: The camera can create a WiFi Access Point (AP) and by that enables smart devices to connect to the camera directly.
  • WiFi connection: Automatic reconnection to known networks is enhanced in terms of reliability and speed.

Bug Fixes:

  • WiFi connection hang up solved

Press release:

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Leica partners with COOPH photographers’ apparel designer

Leica partners with COOPH
Leica partnered with COOPH for photographers' apparel designer items. Check out the current COOPH inventory at Leica Store Miami and Leica Store PRA.

Press release:

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New Subal underwater housing for Leica M cameras

Check out this new Leica M camera underwater housing from Subal. The price is €5,500. No technical information is available at that point. From their Facebook page:

SUBAL at the 47th BOOT Show in Dusseldorf announces proudly the new system of the LEICA M housing. This housing allows you to use Leica lenses, Voigtländer lenses and many others with Leica M bayonett with the Subal port system. Also the great thing is that it is usable with Nikonos lenes without any ports. So you can use underwater corrected lenses in their full quality.

Additional pictures:

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Leica SL Typ 601 and Leica X-U Typ 113 cameras now in stock in the US

Leica-SL-Typ-601-mirrorless-full-frame-camera-APO Elmarit SL 90-280 f:2.8-4
The Leica SL Typ 601 camera is now in stock at:

The new Leica X-U Typ 113 is also in stock at:

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Three different Leica magnifiers compared (MGR Production Bresson vs. Leica vs. MS Optical)

Bresson zoomable finder mounted
By day, Nathan sometimes shoots audiophile gear and jewelry and sometimes wine and suit meets at various British Embassy of Tokyo associated events. By night he’s a HiFi, headphone, and DAC geek, reviewing mainly earphones and headphone amps at When the weekend hits, he’s all about Dungeons & Dragons; if you’re in the area, he’d love to roll some dice with you. By all means, check out, to see bits and pieces of his latest work, as well as silly commentary about ticklish fancies.

Disclaimer: MGR Productions supplied the Bresson zoomable viewfinder for the purposes of this review. I paid nothing for it. 2nd gen versions (Type J and Y) go for HKD 699,00$ (~89$ USD [exchange rate circa 2016.01.26]). You can find all about them here: Adjustable viewfinder magnifier Type J and Y.

Last week I posted a slew of images and a small report on the MGR Production Bresson zoomable magnifier (V1) for Leica M cameras. Today, I’d like to show it in action.

Naturally, Bresson’s biggest marketable feature is a 1,1x to 1,6x magnification zoom, which, on paper should be able to replace both wide and tele M viewfinder magnifiers.

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