New accessory from Walter Leica: “Strap Stedi”

Walter Leica Strap Stedi
Walter Leica just introduced a new accessory called "Strap Stedi" that will improve you handgrip when carrying a Leica camera. Watch this video for additional information on how the Strap Stedi works:

Additional information:

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Leica Store in Manchester has the original “Leica family tree” from Solms

I received an interesting email from the Leica Store in Manchester - they have on display the original "Leica Family Tree" (Leica Stammbaum) from the old factory in Solms. The store acquired the "tree" last year when Leica were moving to Wetzlar and have recently replicated it to the way it was in Solms. Read the whole story here. Some additional images after the break:

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Leica books and 2015 Leica Hall of Fame Calendar

I regular posts updates on the latest Leica books. Check out the selection of new titles at the Leica Store Miami.

The new 2015 Leica Hall of Fame Calendar is currently available at:

More Leica related books after the break:
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Ralph Gibson – Live at Leitz Park (video)

The Leica World in Wetzlar started out with a special cultural event in the New Year. Ralph Gibson, master of shadows and elegant nudes, talked about his life as photographer and about his experiences with the Leica M Monochrom during a lecture on January 16, 2015.

After using analogue Leica cameras since 1961, Gibson explored the potential of a digital camera for the first time with the Leica M Monochrom after a visit from Duncan Meeder, owner of the Leica Store Lisse/Henny Hoogeveen near Amsterdam in 2013. The result was his “Mono” series that was taken in ten different countries – a journey around the world in contrasting black and white. The "Mono" exhibition is on display at Leica Gallery Wetzlar until March 2015.

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Current Leica rebates extended, now include also the Monochrom camera ($750 off)

I already reported few days ago that Leica has canceled their price increase plans for the US. A proof for that is today's news that the company has extended their current discounts ($750 off the M 240 and $250 off M lenses) till March 31, 2015.

Leica also introduced a new $750 instant saving on the Leica Monochrom camera (valid for both black and silver models). The new Monochrom price is now $7,200. At the time of this post only B&H had the new pricing active online, but in the next few hours the discount should be reflected also at AdoramaAmazonLeica Store Miami and Leica Store San Francisco (use M750 code upon checkout for the M240 and Monochrom and MLENS code for M lenses).

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Leica M 240 US price increase rescinded?

Leica M Type 240 camera
I received some information that the Leica M 240 US price increase for February has been canceled. The whole thing did not make any sense anyway: first to introduce a $750 rebate and then to increase the price of the M 240 camera to $7,450. Leica inventory is currently moving very slow - this combined with the strong dollar explain the recent US discounts on Leica gear, the first I've seen in a very long time. Soon potential Leica buyers will shift their focus to the upcoming new Monochrom camera.

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F11 Photographic Museum in Hong Kong


CNN has a story on Douglas So and the F11 Photographic Museum in Hong Kong that has many Leica cameras on display (I reported about this museum on Facebook few weeks ago):

Among F11 Photographic Museum's collection is a display of 60 Leica cameras -- each with their own story and history -- including a 1954 Leica M3, which according to So, is one of the most popular cameras Leica has ever produced.

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