Leica M-P “grip” by Rolf Sachs special edition camera now in stock

The new Leica M-P “grip” by Rolf Sachs limited edition camera is now in stock at:

Additional information on that model can be found here.

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Flash sale on used gear at KEH: 10% off with included coupon code

For the next few hours KEH is running a 10% off promotion on their used gear with coupon code FLASHDEC10 (incl. free ground shipping on all orders). This offer is valid till 8PM EST. The Leica section at KEH can be found here.

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Firmware update 1.6 for Leica T (Typ 701) released

The previously rumored firmware update version 1.6 for the Leica T (Typ 701) mirrorless camera ($1,095) is now officially released and can be downloaded here. Here is the full list of improvements introduced in this version:

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Handevision IBERIT full frame lenses for Leica M mount: US pricing revealed

Last week I reported that the new Handevision IBERIT full frame lenses for Leica M mount will start shipping in December. Adorama already has the lenses listed for pre-order on their website and the pricing is as follow:

Additional information:

  • The three IBERIT lenses are available also for Leica SL/TL camera/mount.
  • All IBERIT lenses are available in black and silver.
  • IBERIT lenses are jointly developed by KIPON and German lens manufacturer IB/E OPTICS GmbH.
  • The 90mmf/2.4 lens will ship in January 2017. There is no information on the 24mm lens.
  • It seems that all IBERIT M lenses are rangefinder coupled and already 6-bit coded as you can see from the pictures below:

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Timeline of Leica M analogue (film) cameras

Tamarkin has a nice timeline of Leica M analogue (film) cameras on their website:

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Top 10 LeicaRumors posts for November 2016

leica-m10-camera leica-m9-vs-leica-m-type-240-size-comparison leica-m10-camera-explained
leica-tl-mirorrless-camera-15 leica-m10-viewfinder-comparisons3 leica-m10-camera-registered-in-china
leica-tl-mirrorless-camera-4 leica-apo-summicron-m-50mm-f_2-asph-special-limited-edition-red-anodised-finish5 cmosis-48mp-cmos-full-frame-image-sensor
These are the top 10 most visited LeicaRumors posts for November, 2016:

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First Leica Store coming to Portugal

The first Leica Store in Portugal will be inaugurated in Porto on Thursday, December 1. The new location will also have a Leica Gallery. The exact address is Rua Sa da Bandeira 48-52 in Porto (source: Facebook).

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