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Leica S2 price = USD 7297?

Too low to be true in my opinion, but a Latvian website has the Leica S2 listed for 3999.00 Ls (=USD 7297). Leica has not officially announced the S2 price yet, but I know one thing – if this is the real price, they will sell a lot of S2.

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Another Leica D-Lux 4 mod: Ricoh DW-6 19mm Wide Conversion Lens

Somebody @ dpreview attached the Ricoh DW-6 19mm Wide Conversion Lens to a Leica D-Lux 4 with a simple step down filter. The author claims that the tests photos were “sharp enough also at the extreme corner shooting in 16:9 format”. Here is a picture of the D-Lux 4 with the Ricoh DW-6: Update (posted as […]

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52mm 2.0x Telephoto for Leica D-LUX4

Another add-on for Leica D-Lux 4: 52mm 2.0x Telephoto for Leica D-LUX4.

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Leica R10 in January 2010?

Update – here is a better translation: Leica R10 is coming in January 2010 Leica R9 is now being shut down as well as the manufacture of manually focused lenses. This happens awaiting the digital R10 which will get autofocus. For some years there was a digital back for Leica R8 and R9 called Digital […]

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A full-frame digital rangefinder camera is still a future option for Leica

There is a confusion about a statement from Christian Erhardt, director of marketing for Leica USA’s Photographic Division where he “hinted strongly’ that Leica was planning a full frame version of the M8 rangefinder”. “Steven K Lee’s comments to AP on 1 February this year suggested that Leica had discovered a way to overcome the […]

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Samples of Leica 24mm f/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH & 18mm Super Elmar-M ASPH (Leica @ PMA)

At PMA, Leica was nice enough to loan David Farkas the 24mm f/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH & the 18mm Super Elmar-M ASPH for a test drive. Here are the results. Dpreview also has few images from the Leica booth @ PMA.

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Leica S2 to be shipped this Summer

Leica S2 to begin shipping this Summer. Pre-production units to be delivered to stores this Spring. No pricing yet because of fluctuations in the Euro – could be below $20,000. Source I am just curious how many of our readers are planning on purchasing the Leica S2 given the above price tag: Are you planning […]

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Dr. Andreas Kaufmann steps down as a Chairman of the Board of Management at Leica

Solms, March 5, 2009 – The Supervisory Bord of Leica Camera AG today unanimously appointed Rudolf Spiller new Chairman of the Board of Management with effect from April 1, 2009. Rudolf Spiller will succeed Dr. Andreas Kaufmann who had assumed office as member and Chairman of the Board of Management for an interim period until […]

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