Chasseur d’Image magazine: Leica M9 in September

Besides the Nikon VP650 camera with a built-in projector, the French Chasseur d'Image magazine writes in its latest issue (#316, July 21 September 21 2009) that Leica M9 will be released in September and it will be full frame. They also wrote about the Olympus EP-2.

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  • NikoDoby

    It Has Begun! Oops wrong forum.

  • wyss

    confirmed for FullFrame?

  • panmoria

    Released or announced? My dealer assures me the M9 will be available in store from October onwards, but we all know Leica’s tendency to delay …

  • NikoDoby

    There shouldn’t be any delays if all they’re doing is slapping a canon 5DmkII sensor in this bad boy. But then again……the truck carrying all the sensors could get stolen ;^)

  • Anonymous

    Remember when they demo’d the S2 last year? They had a full frame chip to compare to the S2 chip. Doesn’t take much guesswork to know which prototype camera that was from.

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