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Clarification on the upcoming Leica store in West Palm Beach

The upcoming Leica store in West Palm Beach is not own by Leica but by the Palm Beach Photographic Centre. I have compared the upcoming Leica sotre incorrectly to the Apple and Microsoft stores which are owned by the same companies. Here is the official press release for more details: The Palm Beach Photographic Centre, […]

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Leica M6 Sultan of Negeri Brunei Darussalam silver jubilee 24ct gold edition (eBay Madness)

I could not resist this one: Leica M6 Negara Brunei Darussalam Edition, currently for sale on eBay for US $21,525.00: More info on this model available here. There is also a platinum edition that has a diamond on the top plate. Crazy…

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Leica store in store to be opened in West Palm Beach (updated)

Update: The upcoming Leica store in West Palm Beach is not own by Leica but by the Palm Beach Photographic Centre. Similar shops already exist in NYC (Photo Village) and in Monterey (Camera West). Here is the official press release for more details. Leica already did open a store in Moscow and another one is scheduled to be opened in […]

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Will a full frame sensor fit in a M8 body?

An interesting experiment at the l-camera-forum (registration required): a forum member created a dummy full frame sensor and inserted it in a M8 body. The result: “clear vignetting left and right and in the corners” and “doesn’t appear possible to fit an FF sensor in the current body with the current battery”. Hit the link […]

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Leica photographers: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Today, 101 years ago, Henri Cartier-Bresson was born. He was consider to be the father of modern photojournalism and of course a Leica user (he used a normal 50mm lens). Here are some Henri Cartier-Bresson related videos: Update: This is the full length of the Henri Cartier Bresson “Just Plain Love” documentary:

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Leica M9 will not be the only announcement on September 9th

? A very reliable source from France confirmed that there will be a Leica M9 on September 9th (18MP, full frame, not a Canon sensor). I can say that now I am 99% sure about that announcement. The best part is that there will be also another camera announced on that day that “would be […]

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Leica M9 again

M9 I received another Leica M9 tip this time from Belgium: it seems that certain stores there were able to pre-order their shipments of Leica M9. The official date mentioned was again September 9th (09.09.09), the sensor will be 18.something MP and the price will be EUR 5,499 street price (around USD 7,800). This information […]

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Leica finances (part 2)

More on the initial Leica finances post from Amateurphotographer.

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