Leica S2 unboxing from the TheLeicaGuy.com

I would like to welcome Matthew B. Harrison to the Leica blogosphere with his new site  TheLeicaGuy.com. He just received his Leica S2-p camera (one of the first commercially available units) - you can see the first shots here and of course the unboxing video:

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  • Anonymous

    Dieses Video enthält Content von Sony Music Entertainment. Es ist in deinem Land nicht mehr verfügbar.

  • Leicamonster

    Happy new year!

  • I thought it was ironic that Germany was the only country that wouldn’t allow the music to be heard…

  • me

    Who the fuck need any music?

  • anon

    here a working dl link (right click, save target as) for the poor germans, like me …

  • M!

    congrats! happy 2010!

  • na

    Girls are definitely hot! and ther camera too.. a total hotness…. wow its burning..

  • James

    Interesting to see a lawyer (according to his own bio page) use music without permission. I guess we can all use his photos the same way. Thanks!

  • James… ever hear of fair use? Sony Music Group – provides their music on youtube with such a purpose.

  • LR admin

    Matthew is right, I have done this in the past – youtube has a music library and you can add soundtracks to your videos for free, they drawback is that youtube will push advertising banners during the video playback

  • James

    Ok, sorry. My mistake.

  • Marcus

    I need a cigarette.

  • steve

    nice boxes …………..and then everything went down hill. Ugly camera and the lenses have too much GIRTH for the skinny girls to handle!

  • steve

    But be sure. The Great Leica photographer SEAL ……..has bigger fists.
    Doesn’t this company depress YOU?

  • steve

    everything will be great when I can order a Leica S2 TESCO edition in Red, White & Blue. With a big Pig Meat-Counter Lens in sausage PINK.

  • Wow… That Leica S2 makes me faint. 😀

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