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Lightroom 3 will be available for registered Leica users by the end of July

The rumor is that the new version of Adobe LightRoom 3 will be available for download in the Leica owner’s area somewhere around July 24th, 2010 (and maybe even earlier). If you have not used your licence code to install the previous Adobe LightRoom 2 version, you will be able to download the latest version for free. […]

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Leica V-Lux 20 firmware update v2.0 now available

To download the latest firmware v2.0 for Leica V-Lux 20, you will have to login to the Leica Owners’ area. This is what’s fixed: [MODE PLAY] has been added to the [PLAYBACK MODE]. This playback mode is useful if you wish to play back only still pictures or only videos. It is now possible to capture still […]

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New versions of Leica Image Shuttle software released

To download the latest v1.0 (PC) & v1.0.2 (Mac) of Leica Image Shuttle remote control software for Leica S2, you will have to login to the Leica Owners’ area.

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Firmware 2.005 for Leica M8 & M8.2 now available online

The new firmware 2.005 for Leica M8 and M8.2 can be now downloaded from Leica’s website. What’s fixed: Resolving the error message “Shutter fault”: When shooting in C-Mode (Continuous) or taking several pictures consecutively in S-Mode (Single), the message “Shutter Fault” may appear on the display. Additional notes: After updating to the new 2.005 firmware the […]

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Likea MPH – a replica pinhole camera

I am not sure if this is really legal, but Likea MPH is a replica pinhole camera of the Leica MP and sells online for $19.95: “Everything you need is in the box bar film, a little glue or tape and the pinhole element. Honor tradition by cutting your own from a pop can. MPH […]

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Leica M9, X1 now in stock

A black Leica M9 and one Leica X1 are currently in stock at the Leica Store in Palm Beach (phone: 561.253.2606, email:

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Leica cameras collection goes on auction in Melbourne, Australia

The Dr. Dinesh Parekh Camera Collection will go on auction Sunday 18 July 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. Many old Leica cameras will be part of the auction: “Most top names feature in this collection, including about 50 examples of the in-demand Leica range, mainly from the period 1920 to 1970. Most are priced from $200 to […]

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Oskar Barnack Award 2010 slideshow

The best awarded portfolios of the Oskar Barnack Award 2010 organized by Leica Camera (slideshow):

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