Angelo Pelle’s Leica half cases

Angelo Pelle's new Leica half casesare hand made in Italy. He has several new models for Leica M8/M9 and Fuji X-Pro1 cameras. Prices starts from €109. Some of his products are available also on eBay. More details and images after the break (click for larger view):






Angelo Pelle Italian hand made leather half-case for Leica M8/M9

Angelo Pelle, a handcraft company based in Florence is proud to announce a hand made half-cases for the Leica M-system(M8, M8.2, M9, M9-P, M9-MONOCHROM),

Hand made by some of the most skilled Italian artisans with more then 30 years of experience in this field, with the best Tuscanian naturally tanned leather (the same one is used by Italian and french high fashion brands). Each half case requires one day of work, all process is carefully handmade, the bottom of the case is stitched by hands (not glued to the upper part). The case includes also a neck strap (adjustable in length) with the same leather used for the half case.

The case is adjusted to fit like a glove to the camera body. The case also features a grip on the front part to aid ergonomic camera handling. A removable LCD protector has been included too. Each leather is worked by tannery for us following our requests, a process which lasts not less than 15 days for each leather, using the same traditional methods for hundreds years. Our leather is very thick (up to 3mm) and was received by natural ageing process to fit Leica owners' taste. The leather case if perfectly matched to the unique properties of the Leica M-system, it is built around the camera to protect all the body from scratches and blows, whit a built in wood grip.

The case will be produced in a limited quantity each month with a lifetime warranty.

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  • Nobody Special

    Nice looking case. Leica used to have some nice leather cases years ago and they looked almost as nice as this one.

  • rudy prager

    Is this just a ordenary copy of the famous Luigi’s Leicatimecases, or do I miss something?

  • bananacam

    why would anyone do this to their camera? 🙂

    • Sergey

      Maybe because one doesn’t like original design or using it as a camera rarely? 🙂
      Actually it would be interesting to know the true answers! Maybe “voting” answers?

  • Phil Sewell

    Oh dear, very beautiful but……this design looks guaranteed to damage the top plate finish because it applies rubbing type action on the ends of the top plate and then actually makes things worse by using, for reasons we understand of course, army duty strap clips which sadly exert, through the leather, even more leveraged rubbing pressure on the ends of the top plate.

  • 103david

    Very pretty, obviously high quality and nicely made…but also a classic example of turning a sleek, compact and efficient tool into a piece of luggage.
    It’s sort of like the current accessory industry attempting to sink the “iPhone-always-with- you-camera-beats-the-one-at-home-when-you-need-it-every-time concept by burdening the major component with clip-on and stick-on junk to insure it will not be ready when the decisive sails on by you.
    Too sad, missed again.

  • Nobody Special

    I found the cases on my Leica rangefinders did a really good job of protecting the camera body from the usual dings and nicks – I even made a lether case for my SL2mot and motor after watching it get beat up over time. There are times when a well made case/cover is quite functional, and, useable.

  • Camaman

    Well I guess the new iphone is the best street camera you can own.
    Fast lens, good resolution, lots of DOF, and absolutely unobtrusive to your subjects.

    Now that iPhone designer will to the a Leica M Limited, maybe iPhone Monochrome is a good idea. Wuth just “Leica” inscribed somewhere in the metal, glass or what ever.

  • Charles J.

    I ordered one of these cases for my camera in early November. It was sent to the wrong address by the seller. Allegedly sent out a replacement on December 10, but as of today, January 21, 2013, still no case and the seller isn’t responding to my emails.

  • Fredrick L.

    I got one of the cases and it is Great. It was on time and protects the camera. his design with the eye viewfinder was nice. You really need the case some times in the harsh conditions and fast trips. At $7,500.00 body only. Think about that. One big bash could cost you. I’ve made some modification of my own. And it comes out of the case if it not needed and good weather. But for running around 24/7 Street photography can be hard on a camera. They hold up ” but” Are you taking pictures or looking cool.

  • Fredrick Lee

    One repair bill = 3.5 cases or more and camera down for how long?I have a few that could have or Should have, could have but didn’t. you could make your “oh”. Do you wear socks in the snow? As for not getting your case welcome to the computer age.


  • Fredrick Lee

    One repair bill = 3.5 cases or more and camera down for how long?I have a few that could have or Should have, could have but didn’t. you could make your “oh”. Do you wear socks in the snow? As for not getting your case welcome to the computer age.


  • 103david

    All very pretty, but all rather useless. Sort of like a motorcycle jacket on a high fashion model. Like you’re really going to take one of these hot-house flowers to an at-risk situation? I’d prefer the leather remain with the cow.

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