New: Angelo Pelle leather half-case for Leica M (type 240)

Angelo Pelle leather half-case for Leica M (type 240)

Angelo Pelle, a handcraft company based in Florence is proud to announce the new hand made half case for Leica M

Hand made by some of the most skilled Italian artisans with more then 30 years of experience in this field, with the best Tuscanian naturally tanned leather and high quality suede leather for inner finishing (our leather is the same used by Italian and french high fashion brands).

Each half case requires one day of work, all process is carefully handmade, the bottom of the case is stitched by hands (not glued to the upper part). The case includes also a neck strap (adjustable in length) with the same leather used for the half case. The case is adjusted to fit like a glove to the camera body. The case also features a grip on the front part to aid ergonomic camera handling. A removable LCD protector has been included too.

The leather case if perfectly matched to the unique properties of the Leica M-system, it is built around the camera to protect all the body from scratches and blows, whit a built in wood grip.

The case will be produced in a limited quantity each month with a lifetime warranty. Launch Price: 179 euro (inclusive neck strap).The cases can be bought directly from the producer on the site:

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  • 103David

    All very pretty, but really rather useless. Sort of like a motorcycle jacket on a high fashion model. I’d rather the leather stay with the cow.

  • regular

    non-sense. It protects the camera against scratches and brassing very efficiently.

    • Dave

      I take camera brassing as a point of pride. In the older days, young kids just graduated from photography school sandpaper their cameras to make them look “experienced”. Today, people are too concerned about resale value and cosmetic imperfections that no real use can be expected.

      • I dont think too many people would be interested in sandpapering an 6k camera..

        • Will it blend?

        • Camaman

          Sandpapering a new M240 would be an ultimate hipster gesture!
          I can see it being done! Why not. 🙂

      • True… on the streets there are more people carrying their cameras with lens caps on or inside some ugly Crumpler or LowePro bag than ones who have their camera in hand ready to go.

        But that sandpapering is stupid though… like a lot of things that happened in the “older days”… like slavery and the law allowing men to beat their wives, parents in Massachusetts to “put to death a stubborn or rebellious son”, etc.

        • yesjb

          That’s a bit of overkill for comparison!
          Nothing like a bit of hyperbole, is there?

        • 103david

          Yikes, genolooney, lighten up a bit, okay? We’re talking products for photo-fashionistas here. It don’t get much more shallow than this, so chill a bit on the slavery and whipping stuff, look up an study the phrase “inappropriate response,” and get back to us…or not.

          • Aww I must have hit a nerve dissing the old ways… I know this is a sensitive time for some of you guys… with talks about restrictions on gun ownership, etc. Even if guns are banned, I’m sure people will find new ways to senselessly kill… it’s called “evolution”… now there’s something new for you to look up 😉

          • 103David

            Hey, genolooney, still don’t get it do you? You can try all you want to hit the hot-buttons but we’re still going to call you the guy who can’t keep on topic, AKA genolooney.
            XOXOXO David

  • Dick

    It’s Tuscan. You must be English as a second language right!?

  • It’s a beautiful looking case..

  • John

    “Handmade” doesn’t mean exquisite craftsmanship. Just look at the poor fit around the LCD screen and the wonky/wavy sewing on the front bottom edge of the case.

  • Argon

    finally a somewhat reasonably priced product for leica.

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