German retailer lists the Leica X Vario for € 2450


The German retailer Audiophilfoto has a listing for the Leica X Vario camera on their front page. The specifications are the same as previously reported. The price is €2450 (the US price will be lower, probably around $2,850). The camera will be officially announced tomorrow and should be available in Leica stores.

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  • Clint

    For that price you could buy a mint M8 and the stellar Zeiss 25mm Biogon. Thanks but no thanks Leica.

    • dannybuoy

      or a used M9 and a sweet Voigtlander lens. Oh but hang on, if you want to buy this camera you want a mini M that’s pocketable…

      • Clint

        In what world are you buying a used M9 and Voigtlander for just under $3k?? Regardless…..this new ‘mini M’ is not pocketable anyway…not by my definition.

    • m pratt

      And there are quite a few mint M8’s out there. I’ve been using an M3 for quite some time now, and was thinking about trying a digital Leica and will probably go this route. It’s not a huge loss if I don’t like it, and will always have my trusty M3.

  • rearranged

    Well actually, for being a Leica the price sounds quite reasonable to me… Not that I would spend my student cash on a camera like that, but it’s nowhere near Lunar territory….

    • CHD

      Leica Vario @ $2850 = Stupidity

      Hassy Lunar @ $7000 = Lunacy

      • If I had to chose between those two, I would pick the Leica any day.

  • Nick

    Crazy. I don’t know how they can even begin to rationalise this – tomorrow’s launch event is now only interesting for the spin!

  • Idont


  • ge no skill or typewriter

    Saw a gentleman purchase a Leica M with 50mm Summilux, not sure he really knew what made the camera special. This new Leica would have matched his skill level more appropriately, but the M looked better with his Rolex.

    • roger

      That’s pretty judgmental of you

      • ge no


    • jason jiang

      dont think you should judge anyone like this… neither do i

  • John-F

    To Admin:

    Do you know at what time (UTC, CET etc..) on the 11th June the launch event for the Leica X Vario will take place ?

    • There will be no official launch event. Leica will make it official in the morning. Your local Leica store will have the new camera in stock Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Benjamin Moritz

    “The New Leica X Vario is the only compact camera worldwide that combines a sensor in the large APS-C format with a zoom lens”…. should add “that is not removable!”

    • rearranged

      and don’t forget to add: ”and that is not compact!”

    • Ry

      I recall Ricoh GXR has a zoom with APS-C sensor…

      • no, this is the first APS-C zoom camera

        • Mistral75

          I am afraid you are forgetting the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 from 2003.

          And there definitely is an APS-C zoom module for Ricoh GXR, the A16 24-85mm (equ.) f/3.5-5.5.

          • ok, first “compact” APS-C zoom camera

          • Mistral75

            “Kompakt” indeed… 😉

    • doodeeooo

      ohh mann! the sony r1 was years ago the same camera…
      unkreative menschen scheinen in wetzlar wieder an der macht zu sein…….

  • m pratt

    Leica could have simply updated the M8 and called it the M8.3 with a newer 16mp sensor, removal of a few features like the M-E and people would have probably been happy to pay around $3000-3500 for it. This camera, I’m not so sure. It’s a pretty big disappointment. Honestly, I think Leica should stick to making M cameras only, until they can get these smaller units right.

  • Ramayana

    The Vario Elmar lens killed this for me before it even got started. If it had at least a constant Vario Elmarit, if not the delcious Vario Summicron on my Digilux 2, I may have an interest in it. I’ve been looking at a V-Lux 4, and it seems to me this X concept is a much nicer proposal. Too bad the lens is so bad.

    I think Leica should have just made it a simple Tri-Elmarit (28-35-50 or 75, with no zoom in between) compact APS-C camera instead.

  • see4eye

    Apparently there is no X vario to introduce today, it was a hoax!

  • Mistral75
    • m pratt

      I cannot understand the thought process of putting an f3.5-6.4 lens on this camera! It is so very strange. Leica had a huge opportunity to make something brilliant, but once again produces something mediocre, at best. Maybe it is all a joke and the actual release will have at least a better lens!

  • finn

    I saw the price list elsewhere and it appears that if you want a lens-hood for this marvel, you’ll have to PAY for the privilege separately. How much???? Try a cool $140.00. Yep, supposedly a hood does not come with the camera. $140.00 – what a deal.
    Leica has turned to a place they’ve never been before – they’ve made some goofy decisions in the past – but to charge for a lens hood (if true) is an absolute crock.

  • M.M

    If I was a Leica shareholder right now, I would be livid. Why on earth would Leica dump money into such a mediocre product? It degrades the brand and the company just dumped money into a product that is destined to be a poor seller. I’ll keep my Leica lens, but use a Fujibody instead.

  • jasonjiangyu

    Leica, whats wrong with you? Show some respect pls…

    • finn

      Respect? Like the respect they DIDN’T show to the R base in favor of the S? Or respect in bringing relevant product that speaks of it’s history? The big s—s at Leica by now are showing that they are relatively clueless or don’t care.

  • finn

    ‘Embargoed’ – why did they even bother with that notion? This camera should have never been given the now seemingly desperate treatment they gave it. I can see all the Leica brass in their ‘decision tree meeting(s?) discussing this project. I’m guessing any posters here would be torn between laughing and utter-disbelief if we could listen in. The Leica brass should be ‘Embargoed’ from any further Leica decisions.

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