New Angelo Pelle leather half-cases for Leica M 240

Angelo Pelle, a handcraft company based in Florence announced new half case models for Leica M 240 cameras with improved ergonomics and new design that allows the use of ThumbsUp and electronic viewfinders:

The company offers new finishings and colors as well as new limited editions with extra aged waxed leathers. The cases include a neck strap (adjustable in length) with the same leather used for the half case. The case is adjusted to perfectly fit the camera body and also features a grip on the front part to aid camera handling. A removable LCD protector has been included too. The leather case if perfectly matched to the unique properties of the Leica M-system, it is built around the camera to protect all the body. The inner finishing is done with an extra soft high quality suede leather. All cases are hand stitched.

Launch Price: €179 (includes the neck strap). The cases can be bought directly at or on eBay.

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  • steve

    he just copied Luigi Leicatime…..

    • bvh

      total ripoff of Luigi’s cases, except not as good as Luigi. Buy from

    • BorisBulldog

      I’ve got both, and the Pelle is 1/2 the price and better than Luigi’s!

  • 103David

    Another “wave your wanker” cod-piece.
    Pease spare the cows.

    • BorisBulldog

      Cows are OK with it (umm, they’re dead!), why you hate?

  • Read the FAQ

    Anybody know where I can get a gold neck chain with a Leica red dot medallion? I already have a Mercedes one with the three pointed star but I’m looking for a Leica version to wear on the weekends.

  • dannybuoy

    Looks nice but the baggy bits around the back would do my head in. Just looks to flappy and big. The anti-chimping flap is probably welcome to some who will insist on glueing it over permanently.

    • CHD

      Ya ok…Why don’t they just buy an M6 than they never have to worry about chimping. What a joke.

  • patrick bateman

    You can order the case in Luftwaffe brown????

    • Pablo Ricasso returned

      Why? So you can sit at home fantasizing you’re a WWI photographer while holding your little camera and touching yourself inappropriately?

      • 103david

        Geez, Pablo, I think you mean WWII. At least get your world class conflagrations right.

  • callibre

    Wow, my overpriced neck jewelry just got another spruce-up!

    Great! Love it!

  • sknapp

    I ordered one, Never got it !!! They will not reply to my emails
    Now I have Paypal on the case

  • EJPB

    Praise the lord. This was the last high-tech accessory we were still missing to achieve a good IQ on the M240. Now we can’t wait to go to the golf club to show our new toys.

  • Suwat p.

    Excellent case for M240

  • suwat p.

    Nice case

  • Seriously guys, why all this hate? If you need a case/strap, get it, else get the hell out. These are quite fine case/straps tbh and if you know the price of handmade leather stuff, these are quite reasonably priced. Moreover, by the talking manner of most flamers I understand most of the hate is even towards Leica. So, why are you in this site again?
    We don’t get a leica to get better pictures, just like you don’t get a vintage fine bone china to make your food better. It’s a lifestyle choice and If you don’t have it, get. the. hell. outta. here. Simple as that.

    Learn to respect people who has different tastes than you, a-holes.

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