“Official” Leica T-shirts now on sale in the US

While visiting my local dealer, I saw several new Leica T-shirts available for sale ($38, 100% cotton). Those are "official" Leica T-shirts and are exclusively branded for and distributed by Leica Camera USA:

Here are few other available designs:


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  • PalauBlue

    I am so surprised that did not get Paul Smith to sign off on it and charge $380.

  • Cool. I may need to get a few. Nice designs.

  • Cool. I may need to get a few. Nice designs.

  • AB

    I prefer simpler designs.

  • Andy

    $40 for a t shirt? No thanks.

  • 103David

    Just like the camera…costs at least three times what it should.

  • fjfjjj

    It’s not mentioned that these shirts all say “Kick Me” on the back, in a typeface derived from early printed Leica manuals.

  • Poopy

    La,Ca? More like Caca!
    Made for the fanboys.

    • Paola

      Is that so wrong when there are people who can’t afford the Leica cameras but appreciate the quality and design? Don’t be a richboy.

      • Poopy

        Really? You’re trying to equate a camera & lens manufacturer to a designer brand? Fangirl I assume.

  • Dan

    Tacky and dated

  • Marcg

    The T-shirts are great. I bought one and then covered the red dot up with masking tape so as not to attract attention

  • Ron

    What’s next? In store tattoo service?

  • outkasted

    These shirts are for the slim peeps they on come in : small, medium and smedium

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