Check out this one of a kind red Leica APO Summicron 50mm f/2.0 ASPH lens

Specially made red Leica APO Summicron 50mm f:2.0 ASPH lens
Yesterday I posted a picture on social media asking for more information on the red lens attached to Dr. Kaufman's Leica camera (original link). Thanks to all readers who informed me that this was a specially made red Leica APO Summicron 50mm f/2.0 ASPH lens (pictured above). Maybe this lens was produced for a RED  fundraiser?

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  • SiO

    And cue bitchy comments…

    • Monty Carlo

      You were the first!

      • SiO

        Ah yes 😉

  • Vivek

    It is orangish red at best and not real red. I wonder what color the flare would be from this lens…

    • Dr. Smith

      They should call it ‘scarlet’ and add a few hundred to price. But seriously, if you stapled a monkey’s tail to your forehead people might mistake you for a baboon standing on his head.

      • Vivek

        Looks like you have not seen me. No need for a tail and stapling. LOL.

        If it were called ‘scarlet’, I am sure it would add thousands and not mere hundreds. 🙂

  • The Resident Guest

    I think it looks quite cool. But seriously, LEICA need to drop their prices and make their gear affordable. I would love to be a LEICA shooter but I haven’t yet won the lottery so until I do, no LEICA M for me. I think it’s foolish of them. They could easily have the M top-line and a more affordable range of real, decent, quality cameras. The X-Vario and X2 stuff just isn’t doing it for me – it’s over-priced. LEICA needs to produce a decent, affordable camera like the Fuji X100s. LEICA already do it with binoculars. They currently have the top of the range Ultravid HD and the lower priced Trinovid line.

    • SiO

      You can pick a used M8 up for under £1000 now. Nice little M camera.

      • The Resident Guest

        Yeah but it’s the lenses that kill me. Plus, I don’t like second-hand gear. I like new things. So I can forget LEICA then.

        • SiO

          Ah, in that case I guess you better forget Leica then. Though I did picked up a mint condition 50mm Summicron latest version for £850. Not too bad for a stunning lens.

          • zev

            I am guessing not APO?

          • SiO

            No. The latest non APO Summicron but a good cheaper lens if you want to shoot a rangefinder camera.

        • Roger

          Mmm…. it took 10 years before I got my digital M, and by sacrifice the Canon system and its updates.

          A decent full frame Leica plus a lens isn’t that much compare to Canon/Nikon full frame offering. Just ignore the over-hyped options and stick with the practical choice unless you want to be with us the white rat group who is testing the LV for Leica, which the function isn’t that spectacular anyway.

          But yes, Leica needs to continue their lower budget offering if they want to have a smoother transition of their excellency. I suspect concentrate too much on the group of rich old people isn’t going to be good few years down.

          I suggest ignore the online reviews and go for f/2.5, or forget Leica then.

    • It’s not foolish at all. There is a market willing to pay the higher prices for the best gear possible. The camera and lenses are phenomenal photographic tools. You could get a good Leica “starter” set for under $2000. Buy an M3 or M3, even an M6 + an older 50/f2 Cron which will get you into the Leica world for not all that much money. If you want to go digital, you can find excellent condition M8’s for under $2000. Add the same older 50mm and you’re set for around $2500. Or, you could always go with the Zeiss glass for the time being, until you can save up for the Leica counterparts. Zeiss makes excellent lenses for the M mount.

      Leica already has its Fuji X100, the X1 and X2 which aren’t overpriced if again, you realize the quality. Pick up an X2 and an X100, you’ll immediately realize the difference in quality just by the build.

    • Bollox

      Don’t worry, Canon and Nikon shoot first rate and also play 3 magical tricks Leica Ms cannot:
      1) focus away from the centre without errors (amazing huh?)
      2) macro – close ups (what? closer than 1 metre?)
      3) tele shots (longer than 135mm, indeed dude)
      You want a jewel? Buy a Rolex.

      • NoMeJodas

        1) With some practice you can eliminate the small focus errors resulting from focusing and recomposing when working with shallow depth of field. You will be awarded with a much faster and less distracting focus technique compared to fiddling around with focus points before each exposure.

        2) and 3) You don’t get a rangefinder camera to do 1:1 macro or shoot birds in flight. There are better tools for that kind of work. And if you are looking for a one-and-only camera body for all types of photography and lenses then a RF camera is not for you because RF is specialized, and thus limited, per design.

        BTW Leica has also some magical tricks that the CaniKons can’t do, e.g. in the composition and manual focus aid departments.

        • eman akcip

          Not so… you can put special focusing screens on dslrs that make it a lot easier to focus than range finders… even horizontal lines in the landscape orientation GASP

          Range finders are the plague of focus… i have 5 of them.

          • NoMeJodas

            “you can put special focusing screens on dslrs that make it a lot easier to focus than range finders”

            Now you got my attention. Please surprise me with a link to such a product for one of the current Nikon DSLRs (e.g. D4/D800/D610/D7100).

          • Bollox

            I use Canon and all my toys have their manual focussing screen. Very handy and more accurate than a rangefinder. About Nikon, try google.

          • NoMeJodas

            I’m aware of the usual focus screen offers, at least for Nikon but those do not reach the quality of the old slrs, let alone a rangefinder. That’s why I was expecting something much better from someone who owns 5 rangefinders.

      • Guest

        If you knew about watches you’d know Rolex is not, across-the-board, a ‘jewel’. I bought a SS Datejust in 1977 and it’s still my only watch. One CLA. Well-made, beautiful, “expensive” (US$870), but hardly a jewel in the watch world of its time.

        • guest1

          You missed his point entirely. Not surprised you think a $870 watch is something to talk about openly.

          • Guest

            Oh no! Openly! Rolex, my secret shame!

        • Bollox

          If you knew about watches, you would not buy a Rolex.

  • Jon
  • vulkanitwit

    The pity here is that Leica seems to be able and willing to bang out one-offs for almost anything but appears to lack the willpower, resources or organization to address some real supply/QC issues in the company. I hope they get their act straightened out. Their legacy is for a lifetime of use, and they now have to compete in a market that sells digital rot as a feature set. I hope they stay true to the M, but today’s digital market is anathema to everything the M stands for.

    Aside, I used to shoot film Nikons and bought a used M3 and a 50 V4 ‘cron, almost on a whim, just to see what the big deal was. In six months I had a new MP and four more lenses and it’s perfect for what I do these days. And so much fun. But I would not direct somebody new to Leica to a film camera as a starter box. Maybe a used M-E from a solid dealer, with some kind of warranty. Save the $ for lenses.

  • whatelsecoulditbe

    Flares and unexpected periods… Leica are now public about their menopause

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