Rare Leica cameras and lenses on eBay

Few rare and interesting Leica listings on eBay:
Leica M Summilux 1.4:35mm 1777515 lens
→ Leica M Summilux 1.4/35mm #1777515 listed for $44,000.

Leica IIIf black paint Swedish army camera (14S011) for $122,745.

→ Silver Leica M Monochrome digital camera for $22,699.

Leica M6 Sultan of Negeri Brunei Darussalam set
Leica M6 Sultan of Negeri Brunei Darussalam with 50/1.4 set for $44,670.

Leica M9 Titanium set for $28,850

Leica M7 Titanium with 1.4:50mm ASPH 50 years
Leica M7 Titanium 50 years anniversary kit with 1.4/50mm ASPH lens for $23,917.

Leica-I-Model-A-Elmax-50mm f3.5
Leica I Model A Elmax 50/3.5 for $55,540.

Leica 250 GG France export S-T camera for $68,000.

Leica M3 Black Paint camera
Leica M3 black paint early serial# 993-666 in original condition for $47,600.

Leica M3 olive Bundeseigentum military camera
Leica M3 olive Bundeseigentum camera for $20,115.06.

Three more Leica LHSA edition cameras after the break:

Leica MP3 Set LHSA Edition
Mint Leica MP3 LHSA edition set with Summilux 1.4/50 and Leicavit for $21,760.

Leica MP3 MP-3 Black Paint LHSA Special Edition Set
Leica MP3 black paint LHSA special edition set with 50/1.4 ASPH lens and Leicavit for $22,360.

Leica M6 LHSA 25th Anniversary Set
→ Leica M6 LHSA 25th anniversary set with 35/2 50/2 90/2 lenses for $25,150.

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  • The Resident Guest

    That first lens has had the hell scratched out of it and they’re looking
    US $44,000.00? What alternate reality do they reside in? Good luck with the sale – they’ll need it.

  • Suwat P.

    Just dream !!!!

  • Simon

    Titanium M7 is the pick. If only I was rich…

  • ATP

    Can someone please explain why the 35mm summilux worth $44k?

    • The Resident Guest

      It’s obviously some kind of a mistake. I emailed the seller asking if he would take £499 for it! I’m bad, I know. But he is asking for it putting up crazy prices like that for an old, scratched up lens. You can get a brand spanking new LEICA 35mm 1.4 for around £3000 so why on God’s green earth he thinks someone will fork out $44,000 for his piece of crap is really quite beyond me.

      • guest

        Maybe it was Franz Kafka’s. AND it’s the Bokeh King!

    • Unless it’s some rare version the seller is likely trying to drum up interest in order to receive several offers. He knows it’ll never sell for that, which is why offers are being allowed. I would think, no one in their right mind would spend that kind money on this lens, unless they have more money than brains.

      I’d give him $700 CAD tops, and that is being generous in my opinion.

      • The Resident Guest

        He’s an idiot, in other words. His attitude should mean that he gets no offers, because he is messing people around, and that is quite disrespectful. I feel disrespected.

      • The Resident Guest

        If it’s rare it’s cos it was made in CANADA to cut costs. Nothing against Canadians, of course, but a ‘true’ LEICA Is MADE IN GERMANY. Maybe he thinks we’re stupid and won’t notice?

        • Armlof

          Non-sense. The Canadian model of Leitz lens just as good; nobody could ever tell difference in a print, only those holding pinky in air with glass of $540 scotch at fancy party would know (if told).

        • mooh

          Read some history. It was the operation in Midland plant that saved the entire Leitz wagon. The time was hard for them, ans rangefinders had just faded into history and their starting R system a mess.

          • NATO

            I am proud of my Canadian M4-P. One of the cameras that helped save Leitz from ceasing to exist.

        • Les

          Short answer:
          Anyone who puts down Canadian-made Leica lenses doesn’t know Leica.

          Long answer:

          The Midlands Ontario plant was built so that Leica could get lucrative US cold war contracts. The US army wouldn’t buy from a supplier that was located relatively close to the East German border.

          Because of the very strict military requirements, the Canadian plant was tasked with making high-performing and complex Leica lenses, while the German plant made less complicated lenses.

          Most Leica enthusiasts should know that Midland also saved the M line. They retrieved the M4 tooling after the M5 flopped, nominally to fulfill military contracts, but also to sell commercially. If it wasn’t for these Canadian M4s, we wouldn’t have any new Ms today.

          The Midland plant is still active. Among other products, they make Panavision lenses that are used in many big budget motion pictures.

      • mooh

        It is a rare version, and price vary a lot. The lens certainly doesn’t worth $44k though, I’d say around $12k for one in better condition.

      • mooh

        More on the price: A very fine copy should be around €10k.

        A copy with minor wear complete with the matching OLLUX hood sold for €22,800 last year on Westlicht auction.

    • Mike

      Its the color, it is black.
      Just a few first series Summilux 35mm were black, the rest was chrome.

      • DWS

        Black is just a bit less common than chrome in this lens. See http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.en/index.php/35mm_f/1.4_Summilux_I

        According to that page, black ones were going for $3,500 in 2010, compared to $1,500 for chrome.

        A perfect condition black one, maybe the first one off the production line, might be worth a fair bit, but none of them are worth $44,000. Even a Hologon doesn’t go for that much!

        • mooh

          Misleading information they have there. You will never, ever see a chrome M2 version Summilux for $1,400.

          For reference one sold last November on Westlicht auctions for €5,280. The black one would be a lot more expensive.

      • The resident guest

        I’ve got a gold Sum 35mm in a factory sealed box, never been opened. Just wire me $50,000 and I’ll drop it in the post for you!

    • mooh

      Black paint, with chrome hood bayonet mouth, extremely rare. Leica in this period was experimenting with black chrome finish so many these lenses have a mixture of parts, which means one-of-a-kind configuration. All these lead to small quantity which equals to high price. Collector’s world you know.

      The chrome body + chrome mouth are a little more common, but still very scarce.

      You’d better check how much the matching OLLUX hood goes for. Remember to keep your jaw in place.

  • scott

    The M9 Titanium set is THE bargain, guys. The set went for $25,000 when new so $28,850 isn’t so bad of a markup (in the Leica world that is).

  • Lance

    I thought the first one was the original Leica box camera.

  • Robert

    That chrome MM is very overpriced imo.
    Its no special edition, you can just order one from the factory like a “a la carte” camera. , They won’t come cheap but I can’t imagine it costs 22.000 dollar from the factory.

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