Additional Leica T reviews and coverage

Few additional reviews and and hands-on videos of the new Leica T mirrorless camera (more videos were published here):

Leica T review by Brian Hirschfeld:

Leica T review by David Farkas:

More videos reviews and hands-on:


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  • big al

    I just can’t get over the design. It looks so much like a Sony NEX and it will never be able to live that down. Sony NEX, one of the cameras I hate.

    • Carlos

      yes, you’re right, a flat box with a grip will always look like a Sony NEX, as any flat box with a display will always look like an iPhone.

      Open your eyes, please. Beyond the basic case it’s totally different.

      • Pantechnicon

        Totally different? Really?

        • Origamy

          Well, the T uses the sensor package from the X2 and X-Varios, which is also the same as the NEX3, apparently. But to say it gives the same image just because it uses the same sensor would be like saying the 16MP Sony sensor in the Nikon, Pentax and Sony cameras (among others!) all give the same look.

          And that the D800 looks just like the A7R, nobody should buy whichever is the dearer camera, surely.

          Almost every house is made of bricks. And yet they can look so different.

          • Pantechnicon

            Indeed. But these MILC which share a very similar sensor and form factor are not totally different

          • Origamy

            Have to disagree, somewhat. They are different enough in what they do with that sensor, and the lenses they feed it. Also, digital cameras come with the film built-in so we have to choose the look that suits us (for lazy people like me who are not bothered to do heavy post work, that is).

            But in terms of form, I have to agree.

            I guess every product category finds its equilibrium, eventually. Look at the top-end mirrorless — they mostly look alike now. EM1, A7, XT1. But that’s nothing new:

            I look at the 4 iconic small SLRs from the 70s and 80’s on my desk in front of me and they all look the same as well. From the top I’d be hard pressed to tell them apart. They share the same features, similar way of working, and in fact some of these SLRs were manufactured by the same OEM, even.

            The only apparent differentiation factors are the lenses and slight differences in the viewfinders, plus maybe quality of the metering and reliability, too.

          • Origamy

            All that said, I *still* wish that Leica had chosen to stick with the Leica III inspired body of the X series. Not a fan of Sony design at all, I’m afraid.

          • Pantechnicon

            New X coming soon… they could nail it yet. But if Wetzlar is dreaming of Cupertino every night, and Audi are convincing them that silicon ‘flaps’ and yellow shoulder holsters are better than IBIS or even sensor cleaning…

      • Ronan

        Looks super generic… They had a great opportunity there to base the T camera on one of their many excellent film camera’s for something unique and price demanding/controlling.

        They utterly failed.

        • Steve J

          Ronan. how would basing it on one of their many excellent film cameras have created something unique? What are you thinking? That is in fact what they have been criticized for in the past, lack of innovation. Yet that is exactly what they have done with the T but you have failed to understand it.
          Sorry Sony NEX comparison people but this is a very different camera.Too bad you can’t grasp the difference.

    • Origamy

      But I agree about the Sony NEX form factor. It’s atrociously designed. In fact, all the small Sony cameras I have tried apart from the RX100 are not designed to be held comfortably.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto
  • Charles Zhu

    i have to admit that it looks better and priced lower than I originally expected…but no hot shoes??!!

    • Simon

      Yes it does. It also has an enormous (relative to camera body) and ugly EVF for said hot shoe.

    • Consider the lens is another 2 grand and you’re over $4,000 after taxes. You could buy a used excellent condition M9 with an older Leica 50 or 35mm (or add a bit more $ and pick up the very good and reasonably priced Summarit 50 or 35) and have a much better Leica experience.

      • Charles Zhu

        4k??!! for that??!! no thanks. I’d rather get fuji/olympus mirrorless. I have a bunch of rangefinders, but they are film and many are fixed lens Japanese rf from 70s. I know it’s not Leica experience but at least it’s RF experience

  • Regular

    Every reviewer is like “it is as easy as an iPad”, “and you can connect to your iPhone and your iPad”, blah blah “you can upload to Facebook”.

    Why dont they rather buy an iPad ??? It seems no reviewer really cared about the Photo function.

    • Ronan

      How easy is that? I find my iPad to not be compatible with anything, i pain in the ass to use anything on it (always have to go around the shitty itune software to actually get results)…

      What a pain… and i had to pay a premium for this too…

  • TechUser2011

    At this point, I am probably going to buy one. But should I get the silver or wait for the black version?

  • NoLeika

    I find it a little odd that this is being touted as a camera that is all about minimalism. The menu is very heavily laden with all sorts of stuff including lots of scene modes (The real Leicaman don’t need no kitschy scene modes!) The only thing really different here is that the iPhone experience has been substituted for dials and buttons.

    Basically this is a well constructed 16MP APS-C camera with interchangeable lenses that has the touchscreen paradigm (having to be so dependent on the LCD is not that interesting to me, personally.) Maybe people who started making photos with an iPhone will gravitate to this since they are already familiar with the ‘touchscreen camera’ (i.e., a smartphone.)

    Also it’s kind of unfortunate that you still have to go to the screen and make changes even if you’re using the optional EVF. With the current X camera, you can keep your eye on the optional EVF and just scroll with the dials and buttons, never needing to look at the LCD screen (in fact the LCD screen can remain off all the time.)

    Anyway, I’m sure it’s a nice build quality and with good lenses.

  • Silking

    This is as pointless as M43, except it looks slicker and costs even more.
    It is another system I will never buy, and another boring product without innovation or design acumen. No, I don’t need to try it, I can tell you straight away: it is sh_it for the price.

    Wait, it might have a ground breaking novelty: this might focus outside the centre.

    • Origamy

      Dunno what you mean. m43 is actually VERY logical. More logical than APS-C, certainly. It’s a system designed for the digital age, where m43 is a full frame compact system.

      Want to stick with your faux film anachronisms? Go “full frame” (God knows what people are supposed to call 645, 6×6, 6×7, and we haven’t even hit the large formats yet). But for a neat digital compact, m43 makes even more sense now than APS-C.

      Compare m43 to mirrorless APS-C: Sony NEX has a couple of lenses that are small, the rest are as huge as DSLR lenses. Same with Fuji lenses. Then, uh, what’s the point? m43 has some big lenses, too, but most of them have 43mm or 46mm filter diameters. Even the 25mm 1.4 Summilux.

      If Leica had gone for m43 with the T, we’d probably have autofocusing Leica lenses the size of current M lenses. But I suppose (a) they wanted a differentiation from the Leica branded lenses made by Panasonic, and (b) they had stocks of the X sensors.

  • FinchBug

    still something like an anti-rationale: extremely high price “explained” by a more or less empty but highly polished ad-campaign. an emotional buy. people who buy it will love: nothing comes even close! – maybe thats even the way one gets to own it. if you are susceptible it will just lie there in your arms one day.

  • Vivek

    It is frankly insulting to see the comparisons to the Sony NEX line. They are totally different designs altogether (,34). The T is slimmer for huge compared to the NEX-5N.

    Also, everyone seems to forget the fact that Leica started on the T long before the Sony NEX was even conceived. Just look at the video where each T body is hand polished and just imagine the time it must have taken them to build up an inventory to announce the product.

    Sony on the other hand spit out plastic or moulded alloy bodies at will.

  • Steve J

    Childish review actually in that the ‘writer’ THOUGHT he was being clever.
    In fact the biggest market for Leica is Japan where most of the knowledgable Japanese buy Leica but sell cheaper Japanese brands made in China to the rest of the blah blah world. Go to Tokyo and see for yourself. And this camera beats most of those cameras because the menu system is intuitive and doesn’t require your subject to wait while you consult a 100 layer menu and struggle with buttons on an LCD screen or a 300 page instruction manual just to find the right setting.This is why most of the people i saw on the train this morning in japan were using iPhones.
    Clean, intuitive operation.
    Leica have got this one very, very right.
    This will be a huge success for them. most intelligent piece of camera design I’ve seen in 30 years. Now i can get back to taking pictures instead of fumbling with menus like an idiot!

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