Firmware update 1.1 for the new Leica T type 701 camera released

Leica T typ 701 mirrorless camera hands-on review 13
Today Leica released firmware update version 1.1. for the new Leica T type 701 camera that is scheduled to start shipping next week (May 26th). A list of the included improvements in the new firmware is not available at that point.

The Leica T is currently available for pre-order at:


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  • Mezzoduomo

    ….and still no firmware update for the X Vario?

  • joe

    this is a joke, this cam is not even 4 weeks old… tz

  • cookedart

    Or the M Monochrom… or the M typ 240….

  • Josh Lehrer

    According to Leica’s website: “By installing the firmware 1.1 on your Leica T (Typ 701) you will get the complete scope of functions and performance as described in the manual of your camera.” It’s safe to assume that the firmware before was not 100% perfect and Leica wanted to release a more complete version before the camera started to ship to customers.

    • Nope, the firmware was indeed not 100% perfect during pre-rlease, especially swiping through pictures during playback. Horribly slow.

  • Disgruntled

    And no firmware update for the X2, either. Leica doesn’t want to be bothered with customers who have already bought their products. Fuji seems to be just the opposite and provides new firmware for older products that aren’t even being currently produced.

  • Carlos

    Hello Leica, SERIOUS???
    Is THAT how you deliver Release Notes???
    Just a Version Number and some install advice?
    What crap firmware am I going to upload? What does it fix? What improve?
    May I have a word in making a decision?
    Get acclimated to Software Delivery Guys!
    It’s not just Hardware anymore.

    • Read the FAQ

      To be fair, this is the official first original firmware that is for general sales of the T. All cameras sold (just a few that were available at select vendors and the early reviewers cameras) had the unreleased firmware. So this is really the ‘first’ and original firmware intended for the T as a general sales camera. And it doesn’t ‘fix’ anything, it simply is firmware that coincides with the owner’s manual and what Leica intended the camera to do at time of general sales.

      Whether there will be more updates over time is another question (Leica’s not been the best in respect to FW updates), but by then they will definitely list what the changes will be (just like they did with M9 firmware updates.)

    • fjfjjj

      If you know anything about software delivery, you know that patches and updates always lie about their contents, fix unannounced and unadmitted bugs, introduce incompatibilities with competitor products, and add new phone-home logic. Is silence worse than a lie?

      • guest

        Where’s that, to the black helicopters?

  • fjfjjj

    This firmware update resolves two issues with the Leica T Typ 701 camera:

    • In some situations, when the camera has been switched on without a memory card present, and the last picture taken was in Aperture Priority mode, the camera would fail to exude a sense of opulent luxury and puristic aesthetic. The update resolves this issue.

    • In automatic exposure modes, when the camera detected a bright background and dark foreground, the meter would compensate by increasing exposure. The update eliminates this behavior to produce more moody silhouettes and chiaroscuro.

  • guest

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen an official image from Leica of a 50 ‘lux that actually has the shade extended. What’s going on with that company!

    • That’s not an official Leica image, I took that picture and the 50 Lux is my own lens.

      • guest

        I just saw that. Sorry, not enough coffee…

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