New Leica accessories: soft release buttons and 32GB SD memory cards

Leica Camera announced new "Leica branded" soft release buttons and 32GB SD memory cards. The soft release buttons are with a painted brass finish and come in four different designs and two sizes (12mm and 8mm). They can also be worn as pins on jackets (see the attached pictured at the bottom of this post). Only 1,000 of those buttons will be produced.

The 32GB Leica SD class 10 memory card offers 17 MB/s write and 24 MB/s read speed (also limited to 1,000 pieces).

For prices and availability, check our sponsors Leica Store MiamiCamera WestPop Flash, Leica Store Palm BeachCamera Electronic (Australia) and Red Dot Cameras (UK).

A large selection of other soft release buttons can be found here and here.

Match Technical also recently released their new 'O' series soft releases.

Additional images:


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  • Kynikos

    I don’t see the memory cards at the Miami store. I only see Transcend cards:

    But fear not: the prices on the Transcend cards are very, very Leica!

  • guest

    Only 1000 lapel pins? Man, every one of those suckers is spoken for already. =8O

  • Simon

    Those SD speeds seem…slow!

    • Kynikos

      They simply prolong the Decisive Moment.

  • pester

    wrong red !

  • Pantechnicon

    I’m glad to see Leica bringing all of their considerable expertise to bear on SD cards.

  • joe

    pretty awkward i think

  • booh

    $65. As always, new price record in the category set by Leica itself. A&A can take off their $49 ones now.

    I’m pretty comfortable with the $7 releases from the ‘bay. Not like I don’t believe German buttons’ brass & paint that were polished with virgins’ thighs are superior to the cheap Chinese ones though…

    • Say What?

      Look at this way – it’s the cheapest Leica Ltd Editions ever

    • James Donahue

      My $2.99 red buttons with free shipping of course does the job, it pushes the button underneath perfectly

  • And Another Thing!

    What sort of a loser would wear that on their jacket?

    • James Donahue

      Just a basic loser..Nobody special, probably like yourself, but with a little more class.

    • Dermot McD

      Wow! It’s this sort of gewgaw which makes me embarrassed to be a Leica owner. Once upon a time, it was all about picture quality. Now, it’s about the image… of the twat holding the camera.


      • Neopulse

        A good image helps sell more cameras. You don’t see Leicas advertised in the hands of vagabonds or nobodies on the streets do ya? Neither for many other brands. You see “image” almost EVERY DAY on the streets, why are you so surprised now?

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Saving my money for the “Hasselblad endorsed” version….

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    A man, middle aged, well dressed, obviously affluent walks calmly down the street in a non-descript cosmopolitan city. It is near dusk. His expensive linen blazer sways in the mild summer breeze. His steely blue eyes are hidden by expensive but fashionable sunglasses. Yet, he sees everything. He is an observer. He is a collector of moments. Decisive moments. Dangling from his neck on an expensive looking hand-made Italian leather string, a limited edition Leica M. The Titanium version. And a 50mm Noctilux-M ASPH f/0.95. This is the tool of his trade, his weapon of choice to capture life’s greatest moments and imprison them for eternity – in pixels.The low sunlight reflects off a pin on his lapel. Understated, small, metal with black lettering. An indulgence. Vanity. He feels a litle self-consciuos about wearing it. But he wants people to know. He needs people to know. He’s not a tourist. Not an amateur. He craves recognition.

    Something is hapening – no, about to happen. A moment. He shifts his stance, moves his body to the perfect position. There’s a sense of purpose in every movement now. Intstinct takes over. Numbers flash through his mind. Aperture, time, distance, sensitivity. But they don’t add up. Light too low. Can’t bump the ISO and ruin perfection. But the decisive moment is nearing relentlessly, unstoppable. His Pulitzer moment. He knows it. This is it.

    The pin! He has the pin! Soft-shutter release. Reduce shake, longer shutter speed. Oh yes! Time, there is not time. Quickly. His normally steady hands fumble with the pin. Hands sweaty now with fear. Faster. Turn, please turn. TURN, damnit!

    Ok, it’s off. Screw in, quickly, quickly..raise the camera, fingers adjusting settings on the fly without looking. Hands pre-focussing on instinct. He acts and moves like a predator now, fast, decisive, unstoppable, relentless, the moment is so close, too close….
    He gently presses the shutter button, but he knows. He knows he’s too late. The time doesn’t matter. A second, a milisecond, a nanosecond. It could be hours for all he cares.There is only one perfect moment. Only one decisve moment. All other moments do not matter, are not worth capturing. But it is lost. Lost forever. Lost in Vanity…

    Two. He should have had two. This never would have happened if he had two. He wanted two. He ordered two. But he only has one. Limited Edition…

    • Kynikos

      So the cat just walked away on him?
      So… sad…

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Oh my god, you were there,.. You saw it happen.. Did he cry? Did he cry a little? I need to know.

    • fjfjjj

      The best thing I’ve ever read about Leica. Bravo! May the ghost of Oskar Barnack burnish your top plate for a thousand years.

  • george

    i would really like to know the vendor behind Leica’s branded SD card. In the past i had very serious issues on both M8 and M9 with some SD cards. On M8 i still see issues now and then even with the latest firmware.

  • Carlos

    Hello Leica, I appreciate you having fun to find new fashion-gear to add to both camera and user, representing the valuable brand.
    But please, please can’t you understand that there are actual users of your products that are waiting for:
    – a fast M EVF
    – a M microphone jack that does not! occupy the hot-shoe and allows for headphone monitoring, too

    then, yes, then you could sell us a beats-apple-in-ear-headset to use while video-graphing or large Zoom/Tele/Makro R picture taking.

    And please, do yourself a favor of professionality and deliver firmware upgrades with release notes.

    Thank you.
    Best regards.

    • NoMeJodas

      Why on earth would anyone buy such an expensive camera to use it mainly with EVF? There are obviously much better (and cheaper!) choices like the Sony A7/r/s if you are going to rely on an EVF anyway, and I bet they also do video better. You can keep using your M-mount lenses with those too BTW. For things like precise framing with a wide angle lens or setting up a polarizer the current EVF is more than sufficient in my experience.

  • One More Thought

    It happens everytime, when Leica releases any new product, commenters complain about the high price and how Leica has become a status symbol. At this point I don’t see why anyone is so shocked.

    Of course Leica is high priced. And of course they are a status symbol…a fashion brand. That is who they are and who they have been for quite a while. Either accept it or not, but don’t criticize Leica for being Leica.

    Oh and BTW, they are making a handsome profit, so they must be doing something right.

    • Neopulse

      Well said

  • Vulkanitwit

    Still on the Grand Cru Classe lapel pins? Come on Leica, I’m jonesin’ for some new news. Throw me a bone here.

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