New MS Optical Perar 24mm f/4 super wide lens for Leica M mount

MS-Optical-Perar-24mm-f4-super-wide-lens reports on a new MS Optical Perar 24mm f/4 super wide lens for Leica M mount. The lens can be purchased from and for ¥63,900 (around $625, currently out of stock). Here are the key features:

  • Very high optical quality triplet formula lens
  • Super-wide 24mm focal length, 82 degrees angle of view on 35mm size, 60 degrees on APS-S
  • Ultra compact design, weight 40g, 50g with hood, only 5.2mm thick
  • Refined triplet design with two double thickness positive lenses, superior to Tessar design
  • 10 blade quasi-round aperture for smooth and pleasing bokeh (Made in Germany by Otto Niemann Feinmechanik GmbH, Berlin)
  • Minimum focus distance 0.8m on Leica M, on mirrorless cameras 0.5-0.6m
  • ALL six glass surfaces multicoated, 96% light transmission
  • Vivid, real and beautiful color reproduction, high contrast high resolution images
  • Unique exposed front aperture (hood accepts 19mm size filters)
  • Initial lot of lenses, designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in Japan by Mr Sadayasu Miyazaki
  • Native Leica M mount, area for 6-bit coding
  • Available in black finish (black paint and other versions not available in Japan), appearance analog to 28mm Perar lens
  • Includes lens, lens hood and caps. Accepts Leica Elmar thread type 19mm filters mounted in supplied hood.

In the past MS Optical has produced Sonnetar 50mm f/1.1 MC, Perar Super Triplet 28mm f/4 and Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35 lenses.

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  • Simon

    This lens is too bulky for my taste! Lol

    40 g = WTF!!!

  • El Aura

    Now that is a pancake lens.

    • Neopulse

      Damn right, I dig it big time myself.

  • Victor

    What lens?

  • Vivek

    Would love to have one. 🙂

  • Ric Ricard

    What a shame that there is no possible way for the manufacturer to show us what a picture taken with the lens looks like. Too bad we don’t have the technology in 2014 to do something like that.

    • Guest what?

      Mtf curves are supplied, a good indicator of image quality.
      Not a stellar performer, very good however and quite impressive given the size.

      • Kynikos

        I have no reason to doubt the truthfulness of the MTF curves, but honestly: would supplying a couple of sample shots have killed him?

    • Vivek

      Too bad there isn’t a lens for sale!!

      As Guest What said, it is the size that is the salient feature. I asked Japancameras for a sample to buy and he said all the lenses he got were sold out within a few hours. It would be a fantastic lens for the MM.

      There is no “manufacturer” here. It is all a one man creation. Hope he keeps up his creativity. 🙂

      • Ric Ricard

        If the images are trash, the size is irrelevant. There’s no excuse for a manufacturer not posting a gallery of images. Image hosting is cheap these days.

        • Vivek

          If I manage to buy one I will make sure I send some samples to Bellamy to show, OK? I don’t have any pets and i don’t shoot landscapes or brick walls, so, image quality is not a given.

        • Skepticboy

          You didn’t note that the maker of this lens is a single person who is in his 60’s? There is no manufacturer, this is a bespoke lens you dolt.

          • Ric Ricard

            I am not a dolt.

            There is no reason why a person in his 60’s can’t take photos to show the quality of the lens. I refuse to believe someone could be smart enough to design a unique lens, but then be so incompetent that they can’t take a few photos to show what the images look like produced by that lens.

          • Skepticboy

            You do know that Mr. Miyazaki has won awards for his previous designs for his lenses? You know samples can be easily googled? You do realize that your reply not only shows you are unequivocally a dolt, but most likely a racist?

            Yep that is you buddy. Incompetent and incapable of reading a basic MTF chart.

          • Ric Ricard

            Never heard of him. Never read an MTF chart in my life. Such a shame people like you hide behind fake names on internet rather than have the courage to use your real name.

          • Skepticboy

            Such a shame idiots like you who went to Best Buy and bought a camera then consider themselves “photographers” exist.

            You want to be a “photographer” instead of the “fauxtographer” you have outed yourself as? Learn your craft and the tool that are part of it. That includes MTF charts.

          • Ric Ricard

            Bought most of my gear at B&H. I do consider myself a photographer and yes it was indeed sometime after I bought my camera, that I considered myself a photographer. Prior to owning a camera, I certainly didn’t consider myself a photographer. While i will continue to further my knowledge of my craft, I have no intention of ever reading a MTF chart.

          • Skepticboy

            Therefore by that statement you are saying you refuse to ever learn the craft of photography. OK no problem, if you want to be a fauxtographer the rest of your life so be it subhuman. Oh and please do not call yourself a “photographer” that is an insult to those of us who do know what we are doing.

          • Ric Ricard

            You should reread what I wrote. I never stated I refused to ever learn the craft of photography. I stated I will never learn to read a MTF chart. It simply isn’t relevant to my photography and what I’m trying to accomplish as a photographer. I am not a subhuman. You said my calling myself a photographer is an insult to you. I don’t see how this is possible. You are hiding behind a fake name. No one knows who you are. How can my actions possibly affect you?

        • In this guy’s case, I rather he spend all the resources on making lenses… the reviews will come from third parties. Personally I never liked manufacturers’ samples of cameras or lenses anyway.

  • saywhatuwill

    Okay, I’ll be the one to say it — I’m waiting for the f/1.4 version. 😉

  • dannybuoy

    Phew. That was fun… The cult around this chaps lenses possibly negates the need for samples. You can probably guess that you’re not going to get Leica quality from something that’s created by one man for a fraction of the price. But I’d like to see some samples for sure. Pointless though as I’ll just end up wanting one and you can’t get them anyway due to the afore mentioned production line.

  • M4guy

    Which M4 is this? Custom?

  • Michael

    i have the perar 35 and it’s a very good lens.The maker’s reputation is well-known hence the frequent out of stock situation.

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