Leica X Vario firmware update v1.1 released

Leica X Vario camera first impressions
Leica Camera released  firmware update v1.1 for the X Vario camera (the black version is now selling for $200 off). Here is the firmware change log:

Operational Improvements:

  • Direct exposure correction in "A" mode and "T" mode the Exposure Value compensation functionality is in direct access on the Thumb Dial.
  • Info button:
    • the info button confirms menu selections in the same way the menu/set button confirms them
    • it also starts the playback function in video playback mode
  • Flash button: the flash button is now only activated when either the internal flash is opened-up or an external Leica flash is attached
  • Audio Volume: video playback mode the volume is adjustable via the top and bottom button on back rocker switch in

Functionality Improvements:

  • New functionality item “Auto ISO:”
    • selection of shutter speed times is broadened up to the range of 1s to 1/1000s
    • If Auto ISO is selected it stays active in M mode also
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  • Mezzoduomo

    Not exactly timely, but welcome and significant nonetheless.

  • X2 owners left out in the cold

    So, I guess they gave up on the X2. The X2 needs that same auto ISO update. It’s useless the way it is now. No firmware update for the X2, thanks Leica.

    • Toy

      Did the doctor order you should buy a pointless overpriced toy?

  • HK

    Not exactly “new” news. In fact old news.
    Upgraded the firmware on my X Vario just over 1 week ago.

  • Pantechnicon

    @Admin: Are you sending us a subliminal message with the photo in this article?

    “Don’t focus on the writing around the lens.”

    Nice touch.

    • Yes, there is nothing good to see on that lens 🙂

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