The new “Eyes Wide Open – 100 Years of Leica” book is now 54% off at Amazon UK

Eyes Wide Open - 100 Years of Leica bookEyes-Wide-Open-100-Years-of-Leica-book
I am not sure if this is a mistake, but the new "Eyes Wide Open – 100 Years of Leica"  book is now listed with a 54% discount at Amazon UK: £35.75 (around $57).

If you are in the US, the book costs $86.97 and it is cheaper to order it directly from the UK.

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  • rantanplan

    Thanks! Hopefully the price is still valid, when it reaches shipment date.

    • overgaadcom

      Amazon guarantee the price: If it drops lower between order date and release date, the lowest price will be the one they ship it for.

      • rantanplan

        That’s nice! Didn’t know that.

  • what_the_fox_says

    wow, thanks!

  • sightbliss

    Thanks but apparently they do not actually take the order. Got this when i want to place the order “There was an internal error in our system. We logged the problem and will investigate it later. Our apologies for the inconvenience.”

    • what_the_fox_says

      try again, I just ordered it for the stated price

  • overgaadcom

    Yes, that actually works.

    One of the reasons is that books in the UK are shipped (to the UK) without 20% VAT. So when you order, VAT for your country is added on top of the UK price on the UK website.

    (UK has special rates for books, children’s clothing and footwear, etc

    But it is still less than other places, so thanks for the link Leicarumors! It should arrive around new years.

    Amazon guarantee the price: If it drops lower between order date and release date, the lowest price will be the one they ship it for.

    • I’ve ordered books from Amazon Japan and did not had to pay any taxes in the US.

      • Thorsten Overgaard

        It’s the local VAT you pay, So if I buy from US and get it shopped into EU, there will be added TAX and VAT on it. parts for airplanes has the lowest tax (close to 0% and cars is 180%), and on top of that is added VAT (20% in the UK, 25% in Denmark and so on).

        One of the great things when Amazon ships is that they add it so you get it delivered straight from them. No hassle.

        If I order a book that is delivered from some store in Ohio and they send it by mail, the Danish Post Office will open the package, add TAX+VAT plus a fee for doing so. It is *highly* annoying, delays the delivery for days and their fee of $45 for the “service” is usually much more than the actual TAX+VAT.

        If I get stuff shipped to LA from NYC I get it without VAT. So US is a different scene.

        The question about Amazon UK of course is why they add Danish VAT within the EU. I know someone who sell children’s clothing from UK and one of the perks is that if you get it shipped from them to anywhere within the EU, no VAT is added (goods can move freely within the EU as there are no borders).

        So if Amazon Uk ships books from the UK where there is no VAT, to anyone within the EU, they should not add VAT.

        • Simon

          My head hurts! 😛 In Australia the government doesn’t add VAT/GST on retail imports under AU $1,000, so it’s often cheaper to import things like books, bags and accessories than buy locally. Local retailers don’t like this and are pushing to have the threshold abolished but doing so would create too much red tape and difficulty to manage and police by customs. That and the government is probably afraid of a backlash in opinion polls also.

          I seem to recall in the past however that I’ve had trouble ordering books from Amazon US. Not tried recently though or from Amazon UK. Some retailers simply refuse to ship internationally or to certain countries which has spurned the creation of forwarding companies that do it for you…for a price!

      • Thorsten Overgaard

        So I investigated this further, and Amazon EU is located in Luxembourg which is part of EU.

        As any company that sell for more than Euro 35,000 a year to any country in the EU has to establish a national VAT account in those country and charge “local” VAT in that country, that is what Amazon does.

        So when Amazon.UK sends a book from UK to Denmark their HQ in Luxembourg has set up a Danish VAT account that has to add Danish VAT and send the VAT to Denmark of these goods delivered in Denmark.

        Similar rules does not exist outside EU and they are fairly new and so complicated few companies do it.

  • regular

    That’s how one kills bookshops.

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