Leica C camera tested at DxOMark

DxOMark tested the Leica C compact camera - this is their conclusion:

"With the stabilized zoom and EVF it’s an appealing camera but while the Leica C is a good performer it struggles in comparison with similarly priced, albeit larger sensor rivals, particularly in low light and at high ISO settings. As a compact camera it’s an attractive option although it looks expensive when compared to those models. If the badge isn’t important the functionally equivalent Panasonic can be had for around $200 less and has similar sensor performance, though it, arguably, struggles to match the Leica C’s elegance."

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  • 3foot1

    The C doesn’t take as good images as the RX100 — no surprise, given the sensors. The only advantage (and it might be a big one for someone who wants a tiny, go-anywhere camera for travel or hiking) is the 200mm zoom. I’ve gotten some stunning pictures from the C at maximum distance. Hard to believe it was the size of a cell phone.

  • joey jo jo

    love my leica but those sony’s are killing it. rx100 (and a7r) wow

    • waterengineer

      The a&r, not so much. Why does everyone rave about this camera.

      • Jim

        have you ever used it?

        • Sky

          I did. Uncomfortable, bad balance between lenses and a body, very few lenses available, and these that are there – tend to be way too large and oddly expensive for how bright they are (though Zeiss-branded lensed do offer a high image quality). Then there are colors – you basically have to use ColorChecker to get it into a working condition, and JPGs are unbearable with no way to fix them in a body itself.

          • Sky

            Oh, and another important part: EVF. Not, a proper rangefinder or DSLR that this body pretends to be (I always laugh at that fake pentaprism housing – though I presume people buying that stuff are fine with EVFs).

          • Jim

            You’ve clearly never owned or used the A7r camera, except maybe once at the store. If you had, you’d know that the jpg settings need to be changed from default, revealing the best ooc jpgs of any camera on the market, except perhaps the Leica X-vario. (And I own both cameras.) Also a ton of manual focus Nikkor, Zeiss, Mamiya, and 35mm and higher M lenses work perfectly on it with the magnified EVF and focus peaking.

            It amazes me that people who have never owned a camera form such false and rigid opinions by what others say (who also have never owned the gear).

        • waterengineer

          I agree with most of what Sky says, but the most important parts is that Sony lenses do not compare to Nikkor and Sony should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Nikon to show them what files can come off the Sony sensor. Same sensor, sure. Same file quality? Not even close. Score for Nikon.

  • El Aura

    Yeah, let’s compare a 28 mm thick, 7x zoom, 28-200mm camera with a 41 thick, 2.9x zoom, 24-70 mm camera and a 66 mm thick, 5x zoom, 24-120 mm camera and then complain that the smallest camera with the largest zoom range is using a smaller sensor (with current Sony sensors, sensor performance is mostly directly tied to sensor size).

    The right Leica to compare the RX100 and G1x to would be the D-Lux.

    • waterengineer

      I would actually like to see a direct compare to the Panasonic clone and the Canon S110 – it would be more fair.

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