The return of the Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment book

The new Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment book will be released in December, 2014 is now in stock and shipping:

More information on the new book is available here:

"The Decisive Moment originally titled Images à la Sauvette-is one of the most famous books in the history of photography, assembling Cartier-Bresson's best work from his early years. Published in 1952 by Simon and Schuster, New York, in collaboration with Editions Verve, Paris, it was lavishly embellished with a collage cover by Henri Matisse. The book and its images have since influenced generations of photographers. Its English title has defined the notion of the famous formal peak in which all elements in the photographic frame accumulate to form the perfect image. Paired with the artist's humanist viewpoint, Cartier-Bresson's photography has become part of the world's collective memory. This new publication is a meticulous facsimile of the original book. It comes with an additional booklet containing an essay on the history of The Decisive Moment by Centre Pompidou curator Clément Chéroux."

"The final edit of 126 photographs taken between 1932 and 1952 appear roughly chronological but divided in the book into two sections – the first section (with exception to two images) corresponds to the years 1932 to 1947 and comprising photographs from Western countries and the second (with one exception) between 1947 and 1952 with photographs made in the East – China, India, Indonesia and the Middle East. According to Clément Chéroux, who penned this new edition’s informative essay on the book’s genesis, Cartier-Bresson’s decision to break the sequence into these two sections also corresponds to the formation of Magnum Photos in 1947, and subsequently, a moment in the artist’s life when he decided to commit himself to photojournalism."

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  • Just preordered from your link. 😉 (btw Admin, no news at all about a possible M Monochrom version II?

  • Kynikos

    Got a Canadian link for the French version?

    • There is no French version for now – even in France they have the English version.

      • Kynikos

        Is there any indication as to when the French version might come out? (I mean I thought I read there would be one.) If not, I’ll get this 🙂

        • I have not seen any info on the French version.

          • Kynikos

            Thanks for looking.
            Preordered via link.

  • Kherberos

    Long reader of LR, here is my first “contribution”.

    There is a french version of this book, of course : Images à la sauvette.,120714.php

    Reissue is from last december, and it is available on This is where I got mine.

  • padam

    If anyone needs the French version (at a discount), just contact me.
    It has been available from the publisher (Steidl) for a while.

    To be honest, although one mainly pays for the actual content, I expected better print quality for the price. So the original ones will likely to keep their value for sure.

  • Kherberos

    It is indeed a very expensive book… more expensive than the english version.

    I do not find it to be of poor print quality but did find the paper was not up to what we were used to say, 20 years back from now.

  • James Donahue

    Check out the 1 star reviews on Amazon US. I would have to personally see this book in hand before I would buy.

  • Kherberos

    On the Amazon reviews, I was thinking : for those who know the original heliogravure version,
    and considering the price point, could it be that the reissue may appear
    as a stepback ? I don’t think it is, but It would have been great if
    heliogravure was still around…

  • I bought a copy. It’s awesome.

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