I hope this Konost FF full frame digital rangefinder camera with Leica M mount will come to life one day


The pictures above show the Konost FF full frame digital rangefinder camera prototype equipped with M mount, optical viewfinder with electronically displayed frame-lines and a rangefinder focusing patch plus the basic controls: aperture, shutter speed, focus, and ISO. More information available at PhotoRumors.com and konost.com.

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  • Alex O’Neal

    Looks very exciting. If I hadn’t spent every last penny I owned on my Leica kit, I’d invest!

  • alidir08

    Will never come close to the pride of ownership and using of a Leica.

  • John Görten

    Looks like a Leica T Model!

    • Matt Maber

      Indeed, if this became a reality, Id be expecting Leica’s legal team to come knocking.

  • SteveDK

    Leica needs some competition in the M mount digital camera, and this looks like a decent concept. However, 20MP is not adequate for me. Also it really bugs me there is no index mark for the shutter speed dial on the top of the camera. That’s overboard with minimalism, and would make it easy to set the camera to the wrong speed. Also where is the ISO control. I see two unlabeled buttons on the back, which does not seem like enough controls, even for the basics. Does it have a touch screen? As a left-eyed shooter whose nose usually touches screens on digital cameras, I hope not.

    • speltrong

      The shutter speed index mark is a 350 € add-on 😉

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Oh lord the pixel-peeper strikes again. “I need 36MP!!!!!”

      And this is a prototype, don’t expect that this is EXACTLY how it will look if indeed it ever comes to fruition.

  • speltrong

    You’d have to be standing on the field to get that kind of shot with a 35mm lens. Maybe they gave one to the ref… Nice looking camera, though – very T-like.

  • Ric Ricard

    Great idea. I don’t see why Nikon and Canon can’t see fit to make a simple digital camera. 15 years into digital photography and we have only ONE simple digital camera -Leica M9.

    Sort of funny how no one in the video knows how to hold a camera though. Nobody has a hand on the lens 😉

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    On the website it claims to be the “Worlds First True Digital Rangefinder”. Did they somehow miss the Epson RD-1 and RD-1s, and the M8, M8.2, M9, M9-P, M-E, M240, M-P and M-Monochrom before them? Not including rebadges, this puts the Konost as the world’s 6th True Digital Rangefinder.

    It may be a cool camera, but let’s not pretend they invented the DRF camera.

    • ker2x

      i guess they can claim that Leica have digital stuff in a a film camera so it’s not “true digital”. It’s 100% bullshit of course but, meh, marketing ^^

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        Sounds like the focusing is going to be a PITA with an electronic image superimposed in an OVF.

        Unless it’s under $2K I wouldn’t touch it.

    • Shin

      They claim that because the viewfinder isn’t optical as stated in the article, but an EVF. It has its own dedicated image sensor (the black dot over the lens release button).

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        So it’s the world’s second hybrid viewfinder. Gotcha.

  • waterengineer

    Leica hopes this camera comes to fruition also. Then more of their lenses will be sold. With more demand will come a new round of lens price increases.

  • SJGS

    They clearly don’t know what they are doing. Small mistakes – the VF mock-ups have the aperture in them (this would not be available from M lenses) — I’d be amazed if this was any more than a plastic mock-up and a snazzy website.

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