The upcoming Huawei P9 smartphone will come with a dual Leica-made lens system

Huawei P9 smartphone with dual Leica-made lens system
A quick update on the Leica / Huawei partnership that was announced few days ago: the upcoming Huawei P9 smartphone will have a dual 12MP camera (pictured above) and Leica-made lens system. The official announcement could be as early as next week.

Via Venturebeat, Ubergizmo

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  • DeTomaso

    Leica had a good connection to Apple, so why did Apple let Leica go to Huawei ? Seems such a shame as I will never buy an android based phone. Seems like Leica missed an opportunity there.

    • Erick Boileau

      same here
      I’ll get at once a Apple-Leica smartphone but never an Android

  • Mistral75

    Leica-made or simply Leica-branded like the lenses of Panasonic P&S cameras?

    • probably Leica branded

    • Jesuan

      What’s the difference? Leica-made digital cameras like the Leica Q are made by Panasonic in their factories too.

  • S.Yu

    Leica will destroy itself.

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