New rumors: Leica M-D to be announced in early May, priced above the M Typ 262 model

Some new rumors on the upcoming Leica M-D Typ 262 camera:

  • The official announcement is rumored for the beginning of May.
  • EU retail price: 5,940 Euros (around $6,700) – basically more expensive than the M Typ 262 model (currently priced at $5,195) even though the M-D will not have a LCD screen.
  • Same sensor as the M 262 model.
  • Analog Leica M-A size and looks” – not sure what this exactly means, but if Leica was able to shrink the size of the M-D to that of a film Leica camera, this would be a great achievement and will be appreciated by many readers (myself included). Here are some M-A camera pictures for reference:

Leica-M-A-film-rangefinder-camera-black-2 Leica-M-A-film-rangefinder-camera-black-3 Leica-M-A-film-rangefinder-camera-black

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