This B+W UV-PRO Premium device should prevent lens fungus (Leica mount compatible)

This B+W UV-PRO Premium device uses UV light to kill bacterias that cause lens fungus and is now available in Leica M mount (can be used for cameras and lenses). Here is a short video demonstrating how it works:

Check pricing and availability on AmazoneBay and DigitalRev (currently available only for Nikon and Canon mounts).

More pictures and the user's manual:

B+W-UV-PRO-prevents-lens-fungus-Leica-mount-5 B+W-UV-PRO-prevents-lens-fungus-Leica-mount-6

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  • David V. Kutaliya

    Good news! If this device does not damage the electronics of the camera and sensor, it makes sense to buy. Does anyone have experience of using this thing?

    • Derp

      Why would you need this ? If you dont store your lenses in a wet and dark basement for the next 10 years they will likely never get fungus. This is just a clever marketing idea to make use of peoples fears, nothing else

      • David V. Kutaliya

        Why? Because I’m a practical and experienced person who travels a lot in humid countries, and in any weather.

      • Paco Ignacio


        I had some lenses for over 2 years stored in a lit, ventilated place; 2 of them got fungus and one film camera got them on the mirror. I live in one of the most humid cities in the world.

      • What utter load of tosh @disqus_44NbUCxZlA:disqus I lived in the middle east for a few years and always kept my lenses in my living room. One of them has fungus. In case you’ve never been to the middle east, it’s very bright, sunny and hot. The fungus is likely from the fact that it’s (a) a zoom lens and not weather sealed, the humidity in the city was extremely high, and lots of dust/sand/dirt in the air.

        Why start talking about something you clearly have no experience with, and know nothing about, it just makes you look like a plonker.

        • Captain Megaton

          Yeah, but everyone who lives in such climate knows already to store their lenses in a drybox.

          Right? 😉

  • Nick Nuñez StealtHMoDe!_

    Remember you can buy these UV flashlights at any petstore as they are used to look for urinespots etc. Ill bet you can get the uv you need there for 1/20 of the price.

    • David V. Kutaliya

      Well, you get what you pay for.

    • carnagex2000

      The lights you get at the store are the “safe” UV-A lights, this is using a mixture of UV, including UV-B and UV-C which is dangerous for your eyes, hence why it has the auto shut off feature.

    • Stormy Llama

      UVC fish lamps are cheaper and do the same thing, I do it in a cardboard box. Don’t look at the light if you value your eyesight.

  • David V. Kutaliya

    Dear LR ADMIN, I have 3 questions:

    a) Who actually makes this device? Because I have not found any information about B+W UV-PRO Premium from Schneider Optics (https: //www.schneideroptics.kom) nor from SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH (

    c) If I need to clean two cameras (Canon & Leica) and lenses, then I have to buy 2 different sets for two different systems?

    c) Who can send this B+W UV-PRO Premium device (Leica & Canon mount) in Moscow?

    • I am sure DigitalRev ships worldwide (see link in post), not sure about your other 2 questions.

  • R Leung

    Doesn’t UV damage plastics? Automobile plastics exposed to the sun eventually fade and crack. It takes years of sunlight but then the glass in cars tend to block a lot of the UV. What happens to the plastic parts in the lenses and cameras?

  • Peter Nigos

    The introductory video for the B+W device only claims that it can kill bacteria. The damage to lenses kept in a dark humid environment is due to germination of fungal spores with subsequent surface damage to the lens components. Maybe the makers should should have had a biologist identify the three divisions of life on earth – Eukaryotes (which include plants and fungi – and even you and me), Archaea, and Bacteria. Don’t bother to buy this device to treat your fungus infested lenses – sell them on E-Bay like everyone else.

    • David V. Kutaliya

      I’m waiting for an official response to my request from SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH.

  • kbb

    The bright, UV-containing light of the direct sun is reputed —by coherent, intelligent correspondents, not internet nobodies— to eliminate or prevent fungus growth in lenses. It’s be easier and/or cheaper to place your lenses in the sun for a few hours a week or month. Plus: We still don’t know if this is a “real” product.

    • Captain Megaton

      This does the same without the risk of leaving all your lenses outdoors under the sun with the caps off. Plus you assume the sun will shine when you need it to. If you are lucky to live in such a climate, you don’t need to worry about this anyway.

  • dbltax

    Weird and somewhat pointless product. Can’t say I’ve ever had any issues with fungus or bacteria at all. Sunlight is rife with UV anyway.

    Top tip: Hang onto the silica gel packets that come with camera bags, they do a great job of keeping any moisture at bay that may cause fungus.

    • Captain Megaton

      They’ll only be active for few days before saturating unless you keep them in a sealed container.

      Basically if you live in a region where the humidity is typically <60% you don't need to take any precaution. If you are like me and get 80-100% humidity for 4-5 months a year, you need to keep unused equipment in a drybox, or at least a well ventilated space.

  • Haia

    I have cameras and lenses for years and until now had no fungus. Make sure your camera closet has no humidity in it, use some silica jell, don’t leave your cameras inside their bag and you are done. You can also put your lenses in the sun for a few hours. no need to buy an expensive gadget…

    • Juan Lopez

      Come to leave in the Caribbean and then talk about no fungus and silica jell. I expend a lot of money in that things, I have more than 10 different pelican case, and fungus comes! I bought one of this and is an AMAZING product if you put that in your workflow of cleaning.

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