New M mount camera with CCD sensor coming soon?

Update: this rumored new camera could be from Hasselblad.

Take a look at this blog post - it talks about a new camera with "unique shape", M-mount, CCD sensor with a resolution greater than 24MP and "uncompromised image quality".

I somehow have doubts that this will be a new Leica camera. There were some rumors last year about Voigtlander considering to start a new line of digital cameras.

If you have any additional information about this camera, you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • waterengineer

    Let us hope the shape is not too “unique.”

    • leica man

      Would like to see another Bessa/Epson digital RF styled body.
      Or the Zeiss Ikon M mount.
      But really Leica, give me a digital M5 body!

      • Mistral75

        Who said this rumoured camera would be a rangefinder camera?

        • Noct

          With all due respect I think this should be a camera with a rangefinder since CCD sensors are not really meant to be used in live view mode. And the short flange distance of the leica M mount eliminates the possibility of a SLR body. How they implement the rangefinder, however, is another story.

          • CaMeRa QuEsT

            What about all those CCD camcorders with EVFs and LCD screens, they sure show a LV image…

          • Noct

            As far as I know the sensors in most of camcorders are far smaller than full frame or even APS-C sized sensors. With a larger chip the energy consumption and heating of the sensor could become a problem, which may lead to noisy images or overheating. The only stills camera I know that had live view with a CCD sensor was the Fujifilm S5 pro. And that was limited to 30 seconds. And nowadays camcorders with larger sensors like super 35 are also mainly using CMOS sensors. Please correct me if I’m wrong since I’m not that familiar with videography.

          • Justtakethepicture

            No correction needed, you are correct.

      • francois karm

        what do you mean by M5 body?

        • asiafish

          Leica M5, the ultimate evolution of the film Leica.

  • Brennan McKissick

    Please let this be a successor to the Epson…

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    CCD=global shutter=no rolling shutter, so it can completely forgo a mechanical shutter. But also CCD=vertical flaring of extremely overexposed light sources, would they be able to counteract this later trait?

  • I would think they’d make a new M camera based off their most recent cmos sensor technology they have in the Q and probably more likely the SL, perhaps tweaked a bit further for a new M model.

    However, I know there are still a lot of fans of the older CCD sensor and if they could revamp it for 2017, I’m sure it could do very well.. although the lens plays a heavy part in what the images will look like, the CCD just renders differently, where as the current CMOS does sort of look like most every other camera these days.

    I hope they can get the sensor to be better optimized for better higher ISO performance, if they do bring back the CCD.

    I won’t hesitate to share I have reservations about this “unique shape”.. let’s keep it classic mostly, still, huh?

    • Brennan McKissick

      You say “they” like Leica is the only manufacturer capable of making this.

      • “capable of making this” …this what? can you be more specific?

        I’ll just address anything you could possibly mean, briefly..

        Regarding sensors.. sure, any company can make a CMOS and CCD sensor besides Leica. We are talking about Leica here, right? So, that’s what I was referring to specifically, so why would I be talking about any other manufacturer at this moment?

        I’m just saying Leica’s last efforts with CCD were the M8’s and M9’s, and they weren’t particularly heralded for their high ISO capabilities and you generally wanted to keep them under a relatively low ISO setting.

        So, going back to Leica specifically, I would hope that if they did made a new M-mount camera with a new CCD sensor, it would perform remarkably better than their last efforts with the CCD sensor.

        • Brennan McKissick

          “This” is the camera mentioned in the rumor. Basic logic would have solved that part of your question. Why does it have to be Leica making this camera? My guess is it’s the rumored Hasselblad camera they talked about with the H6D.

          • ok, basic logic.. this is a Leica rumors site and this is mentioning s”m” mount.. put 1 and 1 together and I’d assume you’d get 2, right? Now if this is really something else than Leica, that’s fine, but given the content and limited information, I think my deduction and comments were logically derived. I’m probably wrong and frankly this is not important enough for me to care either way, just an honest comment that was most likely mistakenly deduced. my bad.

  • I’m not too sure about this. I use high ISO way too much.

  • Joaquim Prado

    I think CCD sensors it’s a market gap Leica won’t fill with any products, they had enough trouble with the M9’s already. I more likely to believe this is a Cosina move since a lot M9 users desire a better CCD Rangefinder, like improved hardware and image processing , LCD screen, battery life and all the odds specifications the M9 had). Tradicionally the Voigtlander had cameras with specs Leica wouldn’t offer as line products and now it came time to a CCD Bessa camera. My tought!

    • Christopher Lee

      Was that actually a CCD issue, though (consider that there are reams and reams of cameras with CCD sensors that worked perfectly fine, and retrofitted M9s are also quite durable)? My understanding was it was a problem with the cover glass, which is a separate issue entirely.

    • asiafish

      It wasn’t a CCD issue, but a cover glass issue. CMOS sensors also use cover glass, it just happens that the one Leica had trouble with was on the CCD M9.

      The M8 was also CCD, is 3-years-old, and no cover glass issues.

  • Djjapnelle Janice Basti
    • I don’t think this project will come to life.

  • Pablo

    A new cheaper, Bessa R digital, not that expensive would be a dream..

  • francois karm

    There is obviously a market place for a telemeter M mount digital camera below Leica M price and build quality. The film Zeiss had one of the best Telemeter no so long time ago.
    Cossina could be the one as their dedication to the M mount and their reputation is at his firmament.
    crossing fingers to have a real alternative to the M.

  • padam
  • Lenny Carlson

    Looks like it will be a Hasselblad 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    This CCD M-mount rumor + the upcoming June 22 event + the bit about Leica-envy on ephotozine makes this pretty clear now.

    “What would fit is something aimed at the prosumer – which we see as
    the dedicated amateur, passionate enthusiast, semi-professional etc. –
    already shooting with a DSLR. Part of this audience already buys into
    Leica and our first step would be to look at this area, prices and
    portability. The new H6Ds we are launching has the best in class
    ergonomics in terms of handling but they aren’t the most portable.”

  • CCD = Compromise.

  • Jonno

    Digital XPan?

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