Second Leica camera registered at the Indonesian Communications Agency

After the "8854", a second Leica camera was registered at the Indonesian Communications Agency under the code name "3656". This means that at least two new Leica cameras will be announced at Photokina next month (both made in Germany).

Via Nokishita

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  • Boris but No Johnson

    Fully mechanical M a la M-A with a digital back, anyone?

  • Q Mark II – 4k, Environmental Sealing

  • leica man

    I would image a new T product and new M product will be launched at Photokina.
    For the M I would like a hybrid viewfinder like the x100 series and better video.

    • TomV

      I like the M idea, but a more successful approach would be hard core classic M with sensor improvements and “digital CL” that is 100% EVF and looses some of the chub (and adds some non classic controls like joystick) – no compromises for each camp.

      • In what way would a joystick aid a camera that doesn’t autofocus? I understand the appeal for AF cameras. But for ones that do not, and which rely on mechanical focusing mechanisms on digital cameras, they do nothing better than a directional pad, of which, the M’s is a good one.

        • TomV

          It is commonly used to select an area to focus in on when using a zoomed focus assist aid, in this way critical focus can be achieved where it would be much more difficult to discern on even the best EVF. Center focus and reframing is often not an option.

          • I realise that, but the current pad works just as good as a joystick for magnified view. Again, joysticks are only really helpful in AF systems. I agree that Leica should update the firmware to allow you to focus and move the focus in magnified view rather than always magnifying only the centre. But this issue has nothing to do with directional pads or joysticks.

          • TomV

            I disagree

    • Brennan McKissick

      That would be a hard pass on the hybrid viewfinder.

    • I think the X-Pro 2 is in your future. Combining the mechanical rangefinder with a hybrid overlay is probably beyond both Leica’s expertise and core M market.

  • Brennan McKissick

    I’m hoping they release a new M with a better sensor, they don’t need an EVF in their heritage model. That’s what the T’s successor, the SL and the Q are for. I don’t mind the T platform, I’d actually like to see something succeed from that line. I just hope they don’t come up with some Audi brushed garbage wrapped around a Sony NEX 5 again.

    • TomV

      T is a steaming pile of crap. Q is wonderful, but not an interchangeable lens system. SL is a highly capable system, but for me personally, not interested in the new lenses or lens mount, just need M compatibility and thus hopefully a slightly smaller system and perhaps a bit cheaper.

      • Brennan McKissick

        Agreed, the current T is a steaming bag of shit and has been since release. I just through the Q in there because it has an EVF as well for people who want that.

    • kahudson

      I suspect that the next M will have an EVF either integrated into the body or as an add-on device. Leica has positioned the M-262 as the heritage purist model.

    • CHD

      I think there is a huge market for an M body with an EVF…I would buy one in a heartbeat. The SL is not the solution, it’s too big.

      • Brennan McKissick

        They make an attachment EVF. That’s more than enough I think.

        • CHD

          Have you used it??? It’s terrible, and it’s inconvenient to have a finder sitting on top of the hotshoe, so no it isn’t enough. I get it…there are a lot of purists who NEVER want to see am M style body with a built in EVF…but I guarantee you there are a lot more of us out there who do. If Leica offers an M body with built in EVF it will be a huge hit.

          If you’re big on the rangefinder you still have plenty of options….this is about choice. Currently there is ZERO choice for Leica fans who want a small body that works as designed with M lenses and that has a quality EVF.

          • Brennan McKissick

            I have used it, for the things you need an EVF for it’s fine. I could see needing a more high resolution EVF for sure but hardly an “inconvenience.” I wonder if people said the same thing about external finders? Plenty of options? I’d like for “options” to carry on into the future rather than outdated tech. It’s very ironic you want choices but you only want an EVF in the body and not the “choice” between a rangefinder or an EVF.

          • CHD

            I’ve already got an M body with a rangefinder…which is why I’m saying I want an M with an integrated EVF. Speaking of outdated tech, what do you think a rangefinder is??? The rangefinder in my M240 is as good as it gets, an improvement over previous M’s, but it is 60 year old technology.

            There’s no reason Leica couldn’t produce the next M in two versions, one with an EVF, one with a rangefinder. They already produce weird one off’s (Monochrom, M-D) so this is hardly far fetched. The reality is that an EVF equipped M style body is the way forward, there are too many limitations to sticking with a rangefinder.

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