Leica Q will not be replaced any time soon

Leica Q

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Reddotforum interviewed Peter Kruschewski during the 2016 Photokina show (product manager for the Leica Q and compact cameras) - a new Leica Q camera is not expected "any time soon", but we can be sure that this product line will be continued because of the success of the current Q model (currently in stock):

DF: The Leica Q has been wildly popular and been doing extremely well in the market. Would you have predicted this kind of demand?

PK: We are very pleased with how the market has received the camera. It is amazing that we are still experiencing shortages over a year after the launch. It is really unprecedented.

DF: I have to ask. Is there a new Q in the works?

PK: The Q is now 15 months old, which is actually quite young. In product management, we are naturally thinking already about future concepts and next steps, but it isn’t’ time to talk about replacing the Q any time soon. Right now, we are focusing on keeping up with the continued demand for the camera.

Of course, there is a good chance that there will be a successor in the future, which obviously makes sense with any camera, or really any product for that matter.

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  • Daryl

    “Product Line” indicates more than one camera, if the meaning is not lost in translation or second language inaccuracy.

    • Timothy Rule

      Here it means “this product line” as in one of many, many being Leica Q, M, T, S, SL and all the rebadged ones from Panasonic and now the rebadged one from Fuji.

      • correct

        • Rosa Michaels

          40mm makes sense from a commercial , historical , and production perspective .

          • Not for Leica – I think 35mm and 50mm are the typical Leica focal lengths

          • Rosa Michaels

            That’s for M ,
            But if you look at history of film “compacts” there were models with 40mm ; Leica Mini , and CL
            Commercially , I think 40mm would sell to both camps , 35/50
            And from production view , 40mm could be pancake .

            So I see happy Q family as 28 , 40 , 90 .

          • Oh, I see what you are saying – yes, I agree with you 🙂 I already have the 28mm, so would love to see a Q with a 50mm Summilux.

          • Tamm

            I would absolutely love a Q with a 50mm.

          • Timothy Rule

            Do you think there is really a large market for a 35mm _and_ a 50mm Q? I doubt it. But somewhere in the middle there is 40mm which does work quite nicely (I have the CLE), pairs well to a 28, and most importantly does not compete against any other Leica product.

            Leica is not big on competition, especially against itself 😉 If they don’t manage it … there is always “The Blad” 🙂

      • ZMWT

        Or you may think like this: after the war Japanese simply grabbed all German optical patents for free, and same patents (along with other industrial patents) were denied Germans. That was an economic policy to cripple German optical and other industries for a longer while. Now when Leica, a German optical company, works together with the Japanese, that is called .. what, a silliness? Or would you call it a necessity, in order to survive in the market that is 95% IP optically owned by the Japanese? Simply there is no other way! Learn history, it helps a lot.

        • Timothy Rule

          Yes … that was part of the war reparations. But all those patents have long since expired … so today who knows why they do it. Many things make sense, and don’t make sense, at the same time – especially in Germany!

          • ZMWT

            Patents build on patents and today Japanese own 95% of world’s patents in optics and camera design solutions. One way or another, a company must pay something for each camera sold. But the Japanese are so much ahead that partnership with them makes more sense than competing against them.

      • That sounds right. There is only one current model of the T, S and SL. (Well, there is no current model of the T but we do expect one at some point).

        What do you guys think of grabbing T lenses while there is no T? B&H are running some pretty tempting discounts on them, and I have a feeling I would like them at least for video mode on the SL.

  • leica man

    I would find it odd if the Q was replaced while it was still back ordered in most places.

  • andre_

    I’d like not to see a Q replacement, but “another Q”, with a different focal lenght!
    That would be a revolution.

    • Timothy Rule

      40mm Q would be perfect.

      • andre_

        Everybody has their own preferences…
        Mine are a 35mm and a 90mm Qs. 😉

        I think that is room for several, fixed lens cameras. 🙂

      • ZMWT

        Yes. Lenses in the range of 40mm can be smaller than 50mm lenses. Maybe rather 45mm, very close to nifty fifty, so it can be quickly cropped down to 75mm and 90mm.

    • Simon


    • Derek W

      I really think they need to make a Leica Q with M mount.

      There would be no autofocus, but you could use whatever lens you want. The camera would be smaller and lighter than the M. And now EVFs have become so good that many people (like myself) prefer one to the rangefinder mechanism.

  • Brennan McKissick

    The Q is awesome. Definitely one of my top 3 cameras they’ve released in the digital era. I don’t think it’s anywhere close to needing an upgrade yet but I do think a normal length Q would be cool. Maybe a 40mm? Still a good length for walking around and it’s a happy medium between 35mm and 50mm.

    • Simon

      I’d vote for something with more reach like 60-90 mm. You hardly ever see fixed length cameras with telephoto lenses. It could be a unique selling point.

      • Brennan McKissick

        I think the market for anything longer than 50mm for a fixed lens camera is too small to justify building a camera for. If anything I could see them making a telephoto adapter similar to what the X100 series has.

  • i own also a nikon d5, but strolling around in paris with this camera isn’t easy, with my leica q i can walk around every day, the 28mm is just perfect: to far away? make a step more close…you have a full frame, a 24 mio pix, a lens with f/1;7….this camera is just perfect and if i don’t make a nice shot it isn’t the fault of the camera or the lens, it’s mine! perhaps the camera to make less but better pictures, just can say: bravo leica! some samples are here: http://pictures-by-albi.com/2016/09/visit-paris-leica-q-smell-culture-art-visit-paris-with-pictures-by-albi/

    • Nice photos, a great look at an unfamiliar side of Paris :).

      I’ve taken the same path as you – I have the Nikon D5, bought the Q a few months later and now about 90% of my photos are with the Q.

      I find that if I use focus magnification, I wind up taking shots as though the Q has a mild telephoto lens, and then crop them to taste when I see the whole thing. Works very well for me and is a nice substitute for bulky lenses. Since I have 24 mp to work with, it’s very rare that I don’t have plenty of reach.

      One firmware upgrade I would like: When you press the shutter in magnified mode, the camera takes a second or so to return to regular mode to show you the picture. It would be better if it took the picture and then returned, because I’ve missed a few time-sensitive shots that way.

      Of course there are some photos that are just not going to work without a telephoto. It’s actually surprising to me how few they are.

      • thanks! i agree with you, there is a little “hole” between…also i would like to say that it is the more and more difficult to make “streetphoto” in europe with “big cameras” sometimes people even want you to delete the picture, everybody is afraid of “social medias” and i even don’t talk about pictures of kids….so this leica is just perfect to do street pictures, the don’t hearing “clic” helps a lot too!!

        • I found that the D5 seemed to detach me from the subjects, while the Q keeps me intimate and involved. I’ve gotten better meeting people with the Q, too.

  • SPshooter

    Good news & we shall see a future 50mm or 75mm or 90mm Q for sure.

    • 50mm and maybe 35mm make sense, not sure about the rest

      • Enche Tjin

        I think Leica can study sigma dp focal length: 21mm, 28mm (Q), 45mm and 75mm.

  • Klaus

    the current strategy of Leica for Q: still 28mm, but better sensor to digitalzoom up to 75-90mm are possible. And Sorry: No 40,35,75,90mm Lens!

    • exact! this camera is not made for a 75 or longer, it make just no sense

  • Mistral75

    From Herrn Doktor Andreas Kaufmann himself: there are good reasons, in particular the small size and weight of the lens, for the Q to have a 28mm lens and it will remain that way but future Q models could enjoy a higher pixel density with more crop options:

    Le Leica Q n’est pas une série. Nous avons choisi le 28 mm de manière
    très raisonnée : pour ce type de boîtier, c’était la plus petite optique
    possible et c’est un élément primordial. Quand vous l’utilisez, vous
    pouvez choisir différents “formats” d’image. Ainsi, vous pouvez recadrer
    dans le capteur pour avoir un équivalent 35 mm, et encore pour avoir un
    équivalent 50 mm avec toujours 10 Mpx.

    Je pense qu’il sera plus intéressant d’avoir une meilleure définition
    dans le futur, avec la possibilité de recadrer dans le capteur pour
    “avoir” plusieurs simulations de cadrage. Nous avions étudié en premier
    la possibilité d’avoir un 35 mm et un 24 mm, mais les deux étaient plus
    gros et plus lourds. Le 28 mm était le meilleur équilibre en termes
    d’encombrement et d’autofocus, et je pense que nous allons le conserver.
    Vous savez, notre cycle de renouvellement est assez long, surtout sur
    ce type de produit.


  • sperdynamite

    The Q is the smartest product they’ve released since the 240. They should kill all the X cameras and focus entirely on this new design.

    • sperdynamite

      And no goddamn Q Vario! Nobody wants to see that shit!

  • James Donahue

    No in Stock at B&H

  • Justtakethepicture

    Good, because it doesn’t need to be. smh

  • Harpreet Bedi

    To be honest I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Q. It is one of the most minimal products ever. I love the 28mm lens too.

    Feel free to check out and critique some the pictures I shot with it.


  • Francisco Sedeño

    Peut-on envisager que Leica fabrique un tele convertiteur 1.4 très lumineux et très haut de gamme pour la série Q?

  • terry Stahly

    I just bought a Sony RX1 II instead of the Leica Q and the main reasons were pocketable and 42MP. I realize the Q will never be pocketable but they need to up it to at least 36MP. With 5k screens displaying 5120 pixels and 8k monitors and TV’s arriving in the next year or so it is almost a must to have more MP. Even the slightest crop will result in less than a 100% image on our monitors. They say 8k will be 32″ screens. Eye Focus would be another major addition and better yet one that works with pets and other animals.

    • I believe Leica’s ergonomics are way better than Sony’s, but you are right – the Sony has better specs.

      • terry Stahly

        I would be willing to give up some of the better specs but not to that degree I would have to currently with the Q. It is almost like having both would solve the problems but that gets pretty expensive. I think that both the RX1 III and Leica Q II will address the shortcomings and more, this is a fast moving world and two years time there has been a lot of developments.

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