Leica Q will not be replaced any time soon

Leica Q

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Reddotforum interviewed Peter Kruschewski during the 2016 Photokina show (product manager for the Leica Q and compact cameras) - a new Leica Q camera is not expected "any time soon", but we can be sure that this product line will be continued because of the success of the current Q model (currently in stock):

DF: The Leica Q has been wildly popular and been doing extremely well in the market. Would you have predicted this kind of demand?

PK: We are very pleased with how the market has received the camera. It is amazing that we are still experiencing shortages over a year after the launch. It is really unprecedented.

DF: I have to ask. Is there a new Q in the works?

PK: The Q is now 15 months old, which is actually quite young. In product management, we are naturally thinking already about future concepts and next steps, but it isn’t’ time to talk about replacing the Q any time soon. Right now, we are focusing on keeping up with the continued demand for the camera.

Of course, there is a good chance that there will be a successor in the future, which obviously makes sense with any camera, or really any product for that matter.

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