Another limited edition Leica M set to be announced in the next few weeks (update: Ara Güler)

A reader sent me this picture of a new special/limited edition Leica M camera that will probably be announced in the next few weeks. I have no other details for this set. Can someone recognize the logo on the top plate?

Update: the top plate has the signature of Ara Güler - an Armenian-Turkish photojournalist who recently received the Leica Hall of Fame Award. Here is some additional information:

Ara Güler special edition set is limited to only 50 pieces and will be on sale soon only by Leica Camera Turkey. It is a Leica M-P 240 model with a 35mm Summicron lens all in black lacquer with leather accesories. The price is expected to be around €20,000 (around $22,000)

Ara Güler, a renown "Leica Master" photographer, will receive his 01 serial number set next month at the award ceremony for Leica Hall of Fame Award in Istanbul. Under his signature on the top plate of the camera, there is a label "50 Years Master of Leica".

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  • Scott

    Jeeze enough with the 240 editions! Where’s the new M?

    • As long as there are new limited editions, there will not be a new M. I think we can forget 2016 for now – maybe in early 2017?

      • Les

        Leica has always done special editions. They don’t interfere in any way with product development.

        Do people really think that the people who are designing circuit layouts have to stop, put down their work, and engrave a few top plates? “I couldn’t optimize sensor cooling this week, I was too busy spraying black lacquer on Summicrons!”

        • My point is that Leica will not announce a new limited edition M and two weeks later announce a new M camera for the simple reason that nobody will buy the limited edition when the new M is already out. This is why I said that I do not expect new M right after a limited edition is announced. I think they have not yet sold all of the last titanium limited edition.

          • Les

            My comment was more of a reply to the first comment by Scott. Special editions have no bearing on the progress of the next M.

          • oh ok, sorry – I am replying form my email notifications and I cannot see the other comments

    • N1ck

      It looks like to me they try to clear out all m240

  • CheekyMonkey

    Surely the question this raises is how long from the time of the last M9 limited edition to the release of the M240? A quick Google search suggests the Hermes M9, May 2012, followed by the announcement of the M240 in September 2012, and shipping early 2013, so unlikely to see a replacement M before next spring. Unless there’s another M240 limited edition.

  • Tim

    thats a 12k for an engraving with dome dudes name lol. LeicaLeicaLeica. no optical or technical attraction. tragedy. well as long as they release firmware updates and don’t drop sony style a new camera every few months which fixes a few problems of the model before.

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