Leica now offers a lease for Leica S-System and Leica SL-System purchases

Leica now offers a new lease program for Leica S-System and Leica SL-System purchases with a 1.9% APR for 36 months:

The program runs through December 31, 2016 and is available for professional photographers only, meaning those who derive the majority of their income from photography. M-System purchases are also able to be leased as well, but do not quality for the 1.9% promotional rate. These will be at prevailing rates based on individual credit.

For additional information contact Leica Store Miami.

Update - here is the full press release:

Marlin Business Services Corp. Launches New Financing Program With Leica Camera

New Alliance Will Provide Leica Camera, Inc.’s Commercial Customers Easy and Affordable Access to Financing

October 25, 2016 -- Marlin Business Services Corp.  (NASDAQ: MRLN), a leader in the commercial equipment financing industry, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Leica Camera. This partnership will allow Leica Camera to support its direct and channel network with financing options for their commercial customers looking to purchase professional cameras. Marlin’s financing options will be made available through Leica Camera channel partners throughout the United States.

Marlin has extensive experience providing vendor finance programs that offer seamless delivery, ease of use, fast approvals and exceptional customer care. Its customer technology platform gives dealers the tools and resources for 24/7, real-time access to facilitate and monitor financing transactions.

“Leica Camera is very happy to partner with Marlin Business Services Corp. to provide our Leica stores, boutiques and dealer network an expanded toolset to help professional photographers in North America,” said James Wagner, National Sales Manager, Photographic Division, Leica Camera “The new Leica Business Unit will continue to look for ways to serve professional photographers in the marketplace.”

“We are very excited to provide Marlin’s experience delivering vendor finance solutions to a company of Leica Camera’s quality and reputation,” said William Miller, Vice President of Sales, National Accounts, Marlin Business Services Corp. “We look forward to working with Leica’s direct and channel network to support their sales efforts.”

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  • sperdynamite

    Wow I can pay more than the sticker price to shoot with one of the worst performing sensors available and all of 3 lenses. 2 of which no-one would have asked for because variable aperture zooms kinda suck. Oh and actually you still can’t shoot that 50.

    • Yeah, variable aperture zooms suck, I should pitch my $6000 Hasselblad 50-110mm into to the bay. Obviously it must be a terrible because it’s a F/3.5-4.5

      • sperdynamite

        First, I wasn’t complaining about the performance. They suck to use. If I wanted to use a Leica 90mm F4, I’d want to use it on my M and it would be a compact little gem of a lens. Not the giant end of a zoom lens. Secondly, yes, you should pitch your 50-110mm Hasselblad zoom. That thing is enormous and the primes for that system are not only much better, they’re much more enjoyable to work with. Thirdly, Pentax managed to make zoom lenses for 6×7 that were very well regarded, and fixed aperture, but Leica can’t do it for 35mm? Lastly, I think Leica masks the actual performance of their zooms (and primes in some cases, i.e. T system 23/2) by forcing you to stop down. I bet the the SL zoom at 70mm is better than the Canon 24-70 wide open, but stop the Canon down to match the aperture and see what happens. Honestly I wouldn’t crap on the SL if they had primes ready for launch instead of just one overrated and oversized zoom. But instead you get to wait until the NEXT Photokina to even get a 35mm. It’s stupidity upon stupidity upon stupidity. As for your other comment at least Sony was smart enough to launch with a 55, a 35, and a zoom. Not long after launch they had the entire range built out with F4 zoom and more primes than people gave them credit for. I don’t actually give the current Sony 1.4 prime offerings a lot of credit because they’re way too big for the system. The Batis and Loxia line up is the one that I think makes the Sony system far more attractive than Leica, IMO. But I will keep using the M system because I just love the RF.

        • I don’t find my primes to be noticeably better than my 50-110mm, and the size and weight doesn’t really bother me, especially considering the size and weight of carrying three primes. Besides, the Hasselblad mostly stays in the studio anyway.
          Not sure why you’re comparing a 6×7 film camera lens with a 135 digital camera lens?
          I don’t think Leica is “masking the performance”. It’s simple math, to make a 24-90 lens constant aperture, the barrel diameter would have to increase, making the lens more massive than it already is. If it were a 24-70, the lens would be shorter and it would be easier to keep a constant aperture without increasing the diameter as much. I do find it puzzling that they decided to go with 24-90 instead of the more standard 24-70.
          Leica is a small company with limited manufacturing capacity, so developing and manufacturing a new lens lineup is a big deal for them. It’s also a big deal for other small companies like Hasselblad or Phase One, which is why those companies outsource their lens manufacturing. Doing small batches using expensive glass and a lot of hand assembly drives prices up, especially when you take German labour prices into consideration.
          People go on and on about the SL vs A7 series, but Leica hasn’t positioned itself against that camera at all. Leica has offered up the SL as a mirrorless alternative to a pro 35mm SLR, not an enthusiast compact mirrorless. They’re going after a different market. Whether they’re converting many pros to the SL or if their cameras are just being bought by wealthy enthusiasts, I don’t know.
          Like you, I’m happy with my M system and I used it for 90% of my landscape work as well as some studio work. My Hasselblad is probably 90% of my studio work and my Nikon system is for film set work. I don’t find either the SL or Sony A7 system compelling at all but I don’t spend my time talking crap about either of them either.

  • AvaloCombap

    Translation: this garbage is not selling. For a fraction of the cost of this ridiculously priced camera, you could own a far superior system from Nikon, Canon or Sony. So Leica comes up with this Mickey Mouse plan that only Leica would have the audacity to think customers will believe. The idiotic SL (along with the pseudo medium format S) is quite possibly the worst ever camera design in the history of photography, and the 24MP sensor in the SL was obsolete three years ago.

    • I don’t understand people’s compulsion to go onto Leica-specific sites and forums when their only contribution is to troll/put down equipment they’ve never used.

    • Roberto Solari

      SL & S are both selling pretty well, I’m not wasting my time trying to convince anyone but I have the info from a solid source!!

      • I heard they are doing well too, especially the SL.

        • AvaloCombap

          You heard wrong. Except for the Leica stores, most independent dealers have already written off the S system as a discontinued system, similar to the R. Medium format has moved on to 50-100MP sensors, and the S 007 camera, announced at Photokina in 2014, is hopelessly obsolete. The S-E with its 8-year old CCD sensor is even more obsolete.

          • Roberto Solari

            On the basis of this comment I rang three dealers I know well and none of them take this claim seriously!!

            BTW, I use Nikon & Leica.

          • How long did it take you to poll “most independent dealers”? Please post details from your obviously exhaustive research into the subject.

      • AvaloCombap

        Then kindly explain why there are so many brand new S cameras listed on eBay for 50% of the MSRP, or even lower, and even at that price, there are no takers.

    • Les

      This is what DxO has to say about this “obsolete” sensor:

      “it’s exceptionally close to the Sony and not far behind the Nikon, which
      has one the best-performing full-frame 24-Mpix sensors in our database.”

      Honestly, if that’s what holding you back, you are doing it wrong. I can’t imagine a world where a barely measurable difference in dynamic range (only at ISO 100) trumps higher build quality, a better viewfinder, better color management, better responsiveness, and the ability to use the very best compact 35mm lenses ever made.

      Avalo, given that your photography is all about dynamic range at ISO 100, perhaps you should skip 35mm altogether and go straight to medium/large format.

      • Bo Dez

        Don’t even justify this idiot with a response.

      • sperdynamite

        Yeah it came “close” to a sensor from Sony from 2013. It is 2016 now, so Leica couldn’t match 3 year old technology with their 7 thousand dollar camera. And it’s not just dynamic range at ISO 100. It still has banding at high ISOs. Of course I know Leicaphiles need to live in a bubble but you should know it’s that kind of mentality that keeps Leica’s prices high, service poor, and some of their camera designs exceptionally stupid. Instead of saying “but hey it comes really close!” You should be saying, why can’t the most expensive 35mm digital on the market measure up to one of the least expensive, at least when it comes to not banding at ISO 6400. This is to say nothing of the SL lens selection which is just a joke.

        • Les


          I take it you haven’t tried the SL. The difference between the SL’s sensor and the latest Sony 24MP full frame sensor is barely measurable, not really visible, and where there is a measured difference, it isn’t always in the Sony’s favor.

          The banding issue is a typical internet thing. You really have to mess-up your exposure to get it, but people who don’t use the camera pretend like it’s a show-stopper. I totally agree with the trolls in this case: if you often get yourself into that kind of exposure trouble, the Leica isn’t for you. Neither is any camera more complicated than a Kodak Disc.

        • It took Sony years to build an acceptable selection of lenses for their A7 series cameras, and they still mostly rely on 3rd party lenses to fill out the range. That’s kind of how it works. Leica’s such a small part of the market that there’s not likely to be any 3rd party lenses.

          The SL is $1000 more than the Nikon D5, but it also has wifi, gps, is lighter, has a higher resolution sensor and shoot true 4k video (the D5’s video isn’t quite 4k). The SL also has a sensor that’s been optimized for Leica M lenses for those who already own them.

          So it may be the most expensive 35mm camera out there, but it also has more features than the 2nd most expensive 35mm camera out there, so it’s a bit of a wash.

          • AvaloCombap

            Yes, what a tragedy. Leica has THREE lenses for the SL, whilst Sony has only about two dozen native E-mount lenses. Obviously, three is more than two (Leica fanboy math).

          • Les


            Do you really need two dozen zooms?
            A friend had a Sony zoom split in half in the middle of a video shoot, so obviously he needs more than one, but two dozen?
            My friend’s solution was obvious, given that he shoots with a Professional Sony video camera that costs more than the SL: he got a Canon adapter and now he doesn’t use any Sony lenses! They could offer a hundred different zooms and it still wouldn’t be worth the risk.

          • Obviously your reading skills are remedial. I said it took Sony years to build a lens lineup, meaning, they had almost no lenses at launch and nothing anyone would consider a “pro-level” lens.

      • AvaloCombap

        Congratulations, fanboy! You are thrilled that the $7500 Leica SL is almost as good as a $1700 Sony A7, huh? Ha, ha, ha. You must really enjoy getting shafted by Dr. Kaufman.

        • Les


          Honest question: if saving a few dollars (or Euros) is more important to you than results, then why practice photography at all? Do you buy second-rate food, stay in the cheapest hotels, buy clothes that don’t hold their shape after the first wash, sit on uncomfortable furniture, just to save money?

          In my experience, the people who spend their lives obsessing about saving money don’t produce anything worthwhile. Did they grow-up thinking “I want to be the fifth best product photographer in my town”?

    • Bo Dez

      What a ridiculous mentality. Phase One, Hasselblad all offer the same deals because their gear is expensive. This makes it easier to get a hold of and for a working professional (clearly not you) the convenience in business cash flow is just as important. Zip it will you.

    • CHD

      For people who own M mount lenses from Leica/Zeiss the SL is superior to any camera that Sony makes. Even the A7Rii has issues with smeared corners using Leica glass….and no…CornerFix is not going to fix it. So, in this respect the sensor in the SL is better then Sony for people who are heavily invested in M mount glass.

      I’ve seen comparison images between the A7Rii and the SL (using their own native lenses) shooting the same scene and you would be surprised at the results (Hint: the Sony is not significantly better…and in some cases it’s worse).

  • Massimo Scognamiglio

    Some people never tried a Leica and the they will never try an amazing Leica’s lens. The S and SL are simple awesome Cameras. Haters, Have fun with your crap cameras!

    • AvaloCombap

      The 24-90 SL lens has terrible focus shift problems. The $5300 50mm f/1.4 is good, but the Sony-Zeiss 500mm f/1.4 at $1500 is just as good, and more importantly, proven at 42MP, whilst the Leica 50 lux is only proven at a paltry 24MP. The Leica $6400 90-280 is clearly the best SL lens. But if this lens is intended for sports, action or wildlife, then this lens + the SL body is inferior to alternatives from Nikon, Canon and Sony.

      • And you know this, because you’ve tested them all side-by-side, right? Quit presenting personal opinion and assumption as fact.

      • CHD

        So how is the S inferior to alternatives from Canon, Nikon and Sony? Name one of those manufacturers that has a larger than FF sensor and puts out 16 bit files….oh…that’s right none of them do.


        I’ve owned several full frame Japanese cameras with Zeiss lenses (including the Otus 55), and now have the A7S ii and the S 007. There’re certainly things the Japanese cameras do better, and I only use the A7S ii for video. The S007 does not have a slow processor or a crummy interface; it is actually very fast and pleasing to use. Its problems are bugs and the much documented AF failures. In terms of aesthetics the Leica is still superior. In sheer resolution too, the Leica files are superior to the A7R ii ones even with the best E-mount lenses (I’ve used Otus and ZA 35/1.4)–you may get more nominal resolution on the Sony sensors, but effective resolution and image crispness are a different matter. The new Fuji and Hasselblad mirrorless “medium format” cameras do interest me as competition to the S, but the full frame cameras don’t quite do that yet. As for pricing, I agree with you that the S system is overpriced. But I think a used S2 or S006 (about USD 4000-5000) is an excellent choice right now.

  • John Armstrong-Millar

    Well all I can say is that the SL is the best professional camera I have ever used. The image files are great. One of the very first weddings I shot this year with the SL system I won an award.. so there you go, it can’t be the camera then. lol

    • AvaloCombap

      No, it’s not the camera. It never is. Whatever you did with the SL, you would be able to do better, at a fraction of the cost, with one of several other systems. The question is, what would you do with all the extra money you will have in your pocket.

      • Sometimes it is about the camera. While I understand that the SL isn’t inherently better at making images than the competition, if it is the camera that works for someone, it is the camera that will allow them to take the photo, award-winning or no.

  • Bo Dez

    This is great news at a generous rate and indicative of a healthy company.

  • William Bridge

    Granted, the cost of entry into the S and SL system is huge for a new comer. But in the case you are already a client buying this stuff is a no brainer. I have heavily invested in the M system in the past and now I am a happy user of a SL to complement my system with an EVF based camera. What is wrong with that ? I don’t care Sony or Nikon or Canon has “better” stuff for cheaper since it is not what I use and could not care less about what they sell.


      I really encourage everyone to consider a used S2 or S006. If you can afford an M240 you can almost afford one of those with the 70mm lens. There’s a big leap in image quality (with the big exception of lowlight).

  • Marcus Wolf

    This feed is hilarious. Enjoy what works for you. Leica inspires many folks… myself included. If your bag is canon or nikon fine… For the critics… do you shoot with Leica? at the end of the day the art wins.

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