Strange: Leica M10 camera registered in China

A new "Leica M10" camera with Wi-Fi was registered with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:


Update: just a reminder that a few years ago Leica registered a new M11 trademark. The M10 trademark was registered back in 2011.

- Leica M10
- CMIIT ID: 2016DJ6597
- Issue Date: 2016 October 24
- 2.4GHz Wi-Fi equipped

This is a strange filing since Leica already moved away from the numeric naming of the M system to a "Typ xxx" labeling scheme. Maybe the M10 will be the direct replacement of the "classic" M9 and the M Typ xxx will remain as the modern M alternative.

Via Digicame-info

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  • eric

    awesome…ive been waiting for a new m, hope you can choose options like the current model a la carte…

    • Erick Boileau

      same for me

    • Timothy Rule

      What ever it is … I only hope it comes in “Titanium” “paint” luxury finish which reminds me of precious metals. And perhaps some nice “painted in a different color” engravings.


      But, perhaps this is the much rumored new CCD camera, or they give up on the Typ numbering since that was (and still is) a stupid idea. Either way, hopefully this is actually a_new_ camera and not just a repackaging/finishing. Would be cool.

  • TomV

    Or maybe 2-digit numbering will be for a new line of M compact cameras with EVF, while the 3 digit continues high end OVF catering to collectors, rangefinder enthusiasts, and Leicaphiles.

    • I somehow think the Mxx will be the traditional line and the Typ xxx will be the modern line. It could also be that Leica registered the M10 name just to have it and they may not have plans to release such camera.

      • MdB

        Could also simply be a code name like many of the other products that get listed.

        • Could be, but code names usually don’t make any sense, this one does. The people working in Leica do have a sense of humor, so yes, it is possible 🙂

  • storm17

    I hope eventually they will split the M into M Classic and M Futuristic. I bet there is a sizeable crowd for the Classic range, enough so they don’t have to bend backwards coming up with pared down Typ XXX models to satisfy old school purists like me.
    M Classic can have the latest CCD sensor in a film-sized M body with just the basics like the M-D.
    M Futuristic can have higher MP CMOS, video, hybrid EVF, whatever they feel like experimenting with.

    • R R Diaz

      I really like this concept! Leica M-D (Type 262), Leica M-C (Type 280), Leica M (Type 280), Leica M-P (Type 280)…

      • Funny that you said Leica M-C… was that a guess? I received a tip about a new Leica M-C…

        • Mk 1 Eyeball

          Hopefully Leica M-Classic that is closer to shape and size of the film M. Or M-Compact full frame smaller body like a CL, but Leic would not likely do that.

          • The new M will be smaller – this is the one info that is consistent from all the tips I received.

    • MdB

      Don’t they already do this, aside that is for your wish for a CCD sensor?

      • Ric Ricard

        Sort of. Two problems though. First, they crippled the “classic” version of the M240 (I believe it is called the M262) by not giving it the buffer of the M-P. Second, the “classic” version came out like 2 years after the M240. They should have been released on the same day. By the time it came out, a lot of people had bought an M240 that they felt was “bloated” in terms of features they didn’t need. Or worse, they didn’t buy it in the first place because of those bloated features.

  • John-F


    Back in May 2012, Leica Camera registered the trademark ‟M11‟

    ‟On Saturday, May 05, 2012, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for M11 by Leica Camera AG … ‟

    Apparently, the same website shows that Leica Camera registered trademark ‟M10‟ back in … 2010 !

    IMHO, the decision to switch to a ‟Typ‟ format was a mistake. It confuses both new and old Leica users and dilutes the value of the brand. For example, both Leica S (CCD) and SE share the same Typ – 006. Who came up what that one …

    It’s time for the M10 – whether CMOS or CCD.

  • Imagilink
    • But it’s interesting that they actually registered a camera with that name that was trademarked back in 2011.

      • R R Diaz

        My speculation. Sounds like they were registering the M10 name in Jul 2010 for the up and coming M (240) series roadmap. A year later in Jun 2011, the M9-P was announced. Then in May 2012 Leica comes out with the Leica M Monochrom “Henri” with the 18mp CCD sensor. That’s when Leica derailed it’s naming convention. They should have called it the M9-M and set the stage for the M9-E (M-E), M10 (the 240 246 262 series), M11… variants. Who’s responsible for this alphabet soup! M-60?!?! What’s that about? Inquiring mind’s want to know 🙂

        • Yes, it is confusing: M-P, M-A, M-D, M-E, M-60… I liked the old numbering scheme better – hopefully they will get back to it, at least it looks that way with that new M10 camera registration in China.

  • Bo Dez

    Judging by the feedback in comments and forums there is definitely a divide between users. It’s plainly obvious to me they should make the M-P 50MP (with the EVF from the SL at least), and all the others (M, M-E, M-D etc) 24MP. The S should be 80MP and the SL, 50MP. Just my opinion.

    • R R Diaz

      Given that Leica AG has recently created variants of the M typ 240 (the typ 262 and M-D typ 262) to satisfy a group of users – me included, your proposal does not seem out of line. I’d personally would throw in a hypothetical 30mp CCD variant just for grins.

  • Brennan McKissick

    I wish people would let go of this CCD stuff. Stop trying to make CCD happen.

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