Leica TL camera now shipping

The new Leica TL mirrorless camera is now shipping and was already spotted in stock at some stores. Check the current availability at:

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  • Thiseas

    Not a bad concept but I can’t really swallow this giraffe-neck EVF. Moreover, I don’t dare to think that Leica will present this as an option for the new M10

    • Ric Ricard

      My guess would be that 50% of less of the M shooters would use the EVF, so it’s really not that major of an issue if it is designed “wrong”. Also, even the ones who do use the EVF, probably won’t use it for all their shooting -just certain situations. So again, if they get it wrong, it’s not a really huge deal. From what I see on Instagram and such, a lot of Leica shooters don’t photograph people or anything that moves. In those situations, I think you’re less likely to need an EVF since it’s not too hard to focus a rangefinder on a non moving subject.

      • Thiseas

        I agree mate but the “it’s not too hard to…” definition changes decade after decade 🙂

      • eric

        this is a good point. what youre shooting matters to what you should expect from a camera. i too see a lot of leica users shooting buildings and people just sitting or standing on the street. very easy to focus on that stuff. from what i can tell it seems slimming down the M was leica’s top priority this time around, which makes sense in the broader camera trends toward making smaller models like mirrorless etc.

  • eric

    the new m10 is not a make or break model for leica. i think the slimmer design will be enough for a lot of people, regardless of evf & other features. Also makes more sense to use money on a TL for an m9 next year after the m10 comes out. i dont get the TL model at all.

  • EnPassant

    Did Leica buy the last stock of the 16MP APS-C Sony sensor?
    The TL and Fujifilm X-A10 must be the last cameras in production still using it.

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