Konost full frame digital rangefinder camera updates

Here are the latest updates from the just launched new website for the Konost full frame digital rangefinder camera:

  • The camera will be released in late 2017 (check also this post and the new FAQ).
  • Beta versions of the rangefinder will be available in the first half of 2017.
  • It will have a custom 20/24MP sensor – designed and manufactured specifically for the Konost cameras.
  • The camera will be available in silver and black with classy aluminum or rugged carbon fiber cover.
  • Compatible with all M-mount lenses.
  • It seems that there will be two different products – a digital rangefinder and a mirrorless model.
  • There are also several new pictures/renderings:

konost-full-frame-digital-rangefinder-camera-4 konost-full-frame-digital-rangefinder-camera-2 konost-full-frame-digital-rangefinder-camera-3 konost-full-frame-digital-rangefinder-camera-5
Via PhotoRumors

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