Konost full frame digital rangefinder camera updates

Here are the latest updates from the just launched new website for the Konost full frame digital rangefinder camera:

  • The camera will be released in late 2017 (check also this post and the new FAQ).
  • Beta versions of the rangefinder will be available in the first half of 2017.
  • It will have a custom 20/24MP sensor - designed and manufactured specifically for the Konost cameras.
  • The camera will be available in silver and black with classy aluminum or rugged carbon fiber cover.
  • Compatible with all M-mount lenses.
  • It seems that there will be two different products - a digital rangefinder and a mirrorless model.
  • There are also several new pictures/renderings:

konost-full-frame-digital-rangefinder-camera-4 konost-full-frame-digital-rangefinder-camera-2 konost-full-frame-digital-rangefinder-camera-3 konost-full-frame-digital-rangefinder-camera-5
Via PhotoRumors

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  • Thiseas

    Good news. However…

    “- Is the design finalized?

    – No, we’re still iterating the aesthetics, UI, and overall product design based on testing and feedbacks”

    Fine and fair. But..

    “production versions of the Konost rangefinders to Q3-Q4 of 2017. We’re still working on releasing limited edition beta versions of the rangefinder in the first half of 2017”

    So, the hardware and the software are not yet ready (after two years of development) but beta cameras will be released within the next two quarters?

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and all the best to these guys (we really want what they claim to develop!) and all the best to Leicarumors! 🙂

  • eric

    this looks cool…gonna be a great year for new camera models in 2017.

    • maralatho

      Oh FFS…


    I applaud and look forward to these products, although I don’t quite see them working in the market. I hope they have sth special up their sleeve. Why not a modded Sony A7 over the mirrorless model? And if they compete mainly in price, the rf version would have limited appeal to Leica owners who can afford Leica lenses.

  • Im

    Their site disappears too often

  • DW

    No ON-OFF switch? Great!

  • Charles


  • Brennan McKissick

    Yay, more renderings! /sarcasm.

  • Ryan

    Those renderings are so amateurish. If we’re supposed to judge their product on amateur renderings then I think we should expect an amateur product.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    An affordable digital FF rangefinder M mount body would be great. Even a pure EVF with decent focus assist would be exciting. I wish Panasonic would make that.

  • MB

    What is the difference between a digital rangefinder and a mirrorless model.

  • Ok big deal now lets get to the important part, after sales service, guarantees and will the company be in existence in a year, especially as long established companies are finding it hard. I will buy from a company I at least think will still be here in a year



    Dream that will never materialize…

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