Leica M10 camera Q&A

During the last two weeks I received many questions regarding the new Leica M10 camera. I will try to answer them all in this Q&A post. If you have any additional questions, please add them in the comment section and I will update this post. Here are the Q&A:

Q: One of my biggest complaints about the M240 was the limitation on long exposures: 60 secs at ISO 200, but only 8 secs at ISO 1600 and above. Does anyone know what the long exposure limits are on the M10?
A: Yes, this limitation is still there - I tested ISO 6400 and in bulb mode was able to get only 8 seconds exposure.

Q: How does the ISO dial work?
A: You can change the ISO by pulling the ISO selector up to unlock and then turn to select. You cannot change the ISO while the ISO dial is locked, but you can keep it unlocked while shooting for an easy and fast way to change the ISO.

Q: Is it possible to turn OFF long exposure noise reduction?
A: No, at least not that I am aware of - I could not find this option in the menu.

Q: Does the Leica M10 come with a free copy of Lightroom?
A: No, you only get a 90 days trial for Adobe Creative Cloud. I also did not see any offers for the LFI magazine subscription.

Q: Do you have an image of the 28mm frame lines inside the viewfinder?
A: This is how the 28mm frame lines look inside the new 0.73x viewfinder:

Q: Are the framelines in the M10 illuminated?
A: Yes, white color only (the M240 could do red as well).

Q: Can you change the focus peaking color?
A: Yes, there are four different options:

Q: How do you delete pictures on the M10 since there is no delete button?
A: You use the "Menu" button located right under the "Play" button, after pressing it you will get Delete Single, Delete Multi, Rate and Unrate All.

Q: Can the Live View electronic loupe be moved around?
A: Yes, there is a small cross mark you can move in Live View and the magnification patch will be on the selected spot.

Q: Why does the Leica M10 accessory hand grip have such a thick/tall base plate?
A: Not sure, I saw it in the store and did not like it. Just adding additional height to the camera. For me personally the grip would make sense if it had GPS or additional battery built-in. For comparison, the M9 hand grip was the same height as the original base plate.

Q: Is the tripod mount on the base plate like on the M9?
A: No, the tripod mount is on the actual camera body and there is a hole on the base plate (see picture above).

Q: Can you use the viewfinder magnifiers from the M Typ 240 with the new M10?
A: No, you will need the new "Leica thread adapter for M10" (see also the new set of Leica Correction II lenses).

Q: Does the Leica M10 have Gorilla or Saphire glass?
A: Gorilla glass (same as the M Typ 240). You can still buy a screen protector.

Q: How is the buffer of the M10?
A: Better, bigger and faster (2GB in the M10, 1GB in the M Typ 240).

Q: Is the Leica M 240 camera still in production?
A: Yes, see this interview with Leica executives.

Q: Can the Leica M10 be set to Adobe RGB color space?
A: No, at least not that I am aware of - I could not find this option in the menu.

Q: Does the Leica M10 offer uncompressed DNG files?
A: No, the M10 offers only compressed DNG files. Years ago, when the M9 was announced, I was told by Leica that there is no practical difference between compressed and uncompressed DNG files (see also this post explaining why Leica did it).

Q: Is it possible to turn OFF long exposure noise reduction?
A: No, at least not that I am aware of - I could not find this option in the menu.

Q: How is the M10 battery life?
A: The M10 battery life is not as good as on the M 240.

Q: Is the spirit level/virtual horizon still available?
A: No, the spirit level is removed and there is no option in the menu. I think they removed the entire sensor in order to keep up with the small size of the M10. Update: this feature will be added later with a firmware update.

Q: Does the M10 supports UHS-II memory cards?
A: I don't think so. From the official technical specs released by Leica: "Storage media - SD cards up to 2GB/SDHC cards up to 32GB/SDXC cards up to 2TB" but you will probably benefit from faster speeds while transferring files to your computer when using a faster memory card.

Q: Can you transfer DNG (RAW) files from the M10 to a smartphone (Adobe Lightroom for Mobile now has DNG/RAW support in iOS 10)?
A: Yes, you can transfer DNG files directly to your iPhone and then edit them in Lightroom for iPhone (note: there is a new M app for iPhone, make sure you turn the "DNG to Camera Roll" option):

For additional Leica M10 coverage please follow the new Leica M10 camera Facebook group and the Leica M10 camera Facebook page

Leica M10 pre-order links:

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Classic Connection
Meister Camera (Germany)
Reddotcameras (UK)
MKKamera (Hong Kong)
Rangefinder (Hong Kong)
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Map Camera (Japan)
Leica Boutique Montreal (Canada)

Top picture credit: reader from Japan

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  • kkd

    For the record these are losslessly compressed DNGs, so there’s nothing to worry about unless you’re using a tool that doesn’t support lossless JPEG (rare).

    • Yes, it should work exactly like zip files – you still get the same files after you compress them.

    • Although i think you mean lossless DNG not lossless JPEG … LOL.

      • kkd

        No, lossless compressed DNGs use lossless JPEG, so you have to support lossless JPEG in order to get at the raw image data.

  • YourFace

    I really wish Leica would give us the option to turn off Noise Reduction…

  • CHD

    I wonder why they got rid of the red framelines….I like those on my M240, I find them easier to see (in most cases). Does this mean they also got rid of the option for using ‘red’ for focus peaking??

  • ZMWT

    Good list of Q&A. Thank you!

    • most of them are from readers

      • ZMWT

        Regardless, good work.
        Are you getting an M10 for yourself?

        • Yes, I got one an hour after it was announced 🙂

          • Ric Ricard

            I’m only like 4 waiting lists….

          • eric

            yeah, same. might be a few months, lol.

  • abortabort

    I suspect the grip is taller to add not only grip coming out of the front of the camera but also to extend it down. GPS is added through the Visoflex now, rather than the grip. The M 240 standard grip is about the same at it attached to the bottom of the standard plate, this looks better and cleaner than the many layers look of the 240 (and its brethren).

    Saying that, how does the tripod attach given that the screw is in the base of the camera which lines up with the bottom of the standard plate?

    • the tripod mount is on the actual camera body and there is a hole on the base plate:


      • abortabort

        Yes I know, but what happens when you attach the much thicker base plate of the optional grip? That screw thread is going to be too deeply recessed in (can’t be flush with the bottom plate).

        • I think the thicker base plate has its own tripod mount, do not remember – the next time I go to the store will check if they still have it.

          • Bit Bucket

            When you use a quick-release plate to mount the camera on a tripod you must always remove it to remove the camera’s base plate. If the hand-grip’s base-plate has its own tripod socket the quick-release plate can always stay on it.

  • Thanks. Great set of questions. I might add where is the new firmware and why are there two different versions in the wild? Its very strange that cameras have shipped with either versions or and yet the later isn’t available to download.

  • RE: Adobe RGB
    Why would you want this option? Its only for the JPEG Images

    If you shoot RAW, you can export to any color space you choose. RAW files do not have a color space baked in.

    Working in Adobe RGB requires a very specific workflow and properly calibrated and capable monitors…if you have what is required why wouldn’t you be using the RAW files?

    I suspect Leica eliminated the option because its unnecessary…. if you require Adobe RGB you would be working with the RAW files anyway…so why complicate the software with unnecessary options.

  • abortabort

    Not really the place for it, but have you heard about upcoming Summicron lenses for the SL? Steve Huff mentioned them in a comment, something about new technology for better bokeh.

    • No, I have not heard anything and Huff is usually clueless – he hates rumors but then he likes spreading them. Maybe he developed a new machine that can predict future Leica products, just like his machine that talks to dead people lol 🙂

      • abortabort

        Hahaha yeah, yeah I know! But he does have connections in this regard, so it seemed kind of interesting.

        • Sorry, I just can’t believe a word from someone who sells “wonder boxes” online. Regarding the SL lenses, Leica already announced several Summicrons, so this is nothing new really: https://leicarumors.com/2016/09/19/leica-announced-five-new-sl-lenses.aspx/

          • abortabort

            Thanks! I must have missed those due to complete apathy for the SL!

          • No problem 🙂 I am sure the new Summicrons will be very sharp. The SL system is just too big for my taste, I rather use a DSLR. I keep saying that for the size, they should have made it medium format.

      • sickheadache

        Hater on Steve Lil Ken Huff. lol

        • Not really, but he had several paragraphs (!) in his M10 review talking about how bad the rumors sites are (meaning LeicaRumors). He probably needs to look into his “wonder box” to remind himself how many times he has reported rumors on his own site. He also probably forgot the time when he was begging me to post his useless reviews on LeicaRumors. Hypocrisy. I am not going to even discuss his “paranormal” capabilities here, but it a simple Google search will tell you a lot.

          • abortabort

            Agreed, I could not figure out if he did or did not ‘get’ the whole rumour and release cycle and roles for the various sites. He’s pretty tapped it must be said.

          • Again, I never said anything bad about this guy before, but after he slams me on his website for no reason, I will respond back.

          • sickheadache

            I understand. I have used M240 several times including that 11 grand lens 50mm .095 ..And here is my take..I got better results with a Nikon D810 with a Sigma 50mm Art. And Cheaper. lol But it is all subjective and a matter of taste…I get it. But when reading Steve Huff…Leica cannot and could not never ever, ever never do wrong in Steve’s glowing reviews of Leica Products. Leica should never Fire Huff…The perfect Leica Fan Boy. Just like Jason Lanier over glowing and endless sony butt kissing is truly disgusting. They both believe that Leica and Sony are God Like. LOL

          • Yes, I am not sure how one can call those “reviews”…

  • Bo Dez

    I much prefer the extra height of the grip. My large hands need it.

  • Matt

    do you know if the thread on the shutter release button on the M10 is the same as the typ 240??

    • yes, it is the same

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