The spirit level / virtual horizon is coming back to the Leica M10 with a firmware update

Update on my last Leica M10 camera Q&A post regarding the missing spirit level/virtual horizon: I received several confirmations that Leica will put back this feature in one of the upcoming M10 firmware updates (probably will not be part of the upcoming

Update: I received some conflicting information on this rumor, so we should see if this will happen.

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  • David V. Kutaliya


    • This is the message the customer care team at Leica Camera in Wetzlar send to a reader:

      “The missing horizon/level tool is in process and is integrated with one of the next firmware updates.”

      Here his the second report:

      Well a couple of weeks ago, I asked the question directly to **** (from Leica). He was clear about the “virtual horizon”… Today as everybody noticed it… Its’ gone.
      But he said also that if there was a huge demand about bring it back… Well Leica will reintroduce it (in a next coming firmware!). But it doesn’t mean that it will be back in the next firmware 😉

      Those are the rumors/info from two different sources that I based my post on.

  • John-F

    About 10 years ago, I went to a presentation of the Nikon D3 by a senior rep from Nikon Canada. The whole thing lasted more than 2 hours and was most interesting. Two things that surprised me: the addition of the electronic spirit level (virtual horizon) in the D3 was done because of a requirement from the US Armed Forces (Nikon was and still is a supplier of cameras to Uncle Sam).

    The other thing was a slide in the (long) PowerPoint presentation on the D3 sensor design that showed the CFA (color filter array) sandwiched between TWO layers of microlenses. That detail blew me away! I have never seen this mentioned in any Nikon tech specs since then …

  • That’s great news…but where is the new FW? My camera is…if they are only releasing, why is it taking 2 weeks?

    • Some new M10 already shipped with the new firmware. Maybe Leica wants to make sure there are no problems.

      • That’s what beta testers are for. It’s just bizarre that they are shipping cameras with new FW that’s not available online

        • I agree, I was just guessing. We have seen bugs in Leica firmware updates on several occasions in the past.

  • Paul

    Not a feature of particular interest to most, but good on Leica for clarifying.

    • While I didn’t plan on upgrading from my M 240, the lack of spirit level is a red flag for me because I use it in landscape photography. It’s a very important tool for some people. Have they implemented it yet? I can’t see any news of it.

  • Siegfried Günther

    I have a M10 with firmware. For my this function ist not in and there is no interest in it.

    • I think they will add this in a later firmware update.

  • nicoimages

    Great really pleased to read this and looking forward to using it. The implementation in the M240 was really good with the latest firmware and it is invaluable for me when using wide angle lenses for my cityscape pictures.

  • Nejad

    I was all for it, thinking of replacing my M240 until I learned that it does not have spirit level.
    The information in this review is not accurate and according to Leica that kindly replied to my email, spirit level cannot be added to M10. I suppose they sacrificed the sensor to make it slim

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