The new Handevision full frame IBERIT lenses for Leica M mount are here

I just received the 35mm, 50mm and 75mm f/2.4 Handevision full frame IBERIT lenses for Leica M mount. In the next few weeks I will be posting sample photos and comparisons here on the blog and on social media (Facebook, TwitterGoogle+, Instagram, Flickr).

Check pricing and availability of the new Handevision IBERIT lenses at B&H and Adorama.

A few updates:

  • The first batch of IBERIT lenses had some issues when attached to film M cameras. The issues has now been fixed.
  • The company is developing new lens hoods for the IBERIT lenses that will be available soon:

Additional pictures of the IBERIT lenses for Leica M mount:

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  • cnick6

    Peter I pre-ordered the 50mm version and after a few days, Adorama said they had no ETA (despite showing them in stock) and so I cancelled my order. I have no complaints because I found an *excellent* deal on a Leica 50mm ‘Lux LNIB. If you get bored with the 75mm then send it my way and I’ll compare it to the Summicron APO 75mm! ;o)

    • I think they will get them in stock soon.

  • Surprised you were able to get the 35/2.5 to mount on a film M. The mount flange on the lens they sent me hits the shutter button collar on my MP, M2 and M6. It mounts on the M262 because the lens flange on the M262 is raised from the the body and allow the lens to clear the lens release.

    My copy has focus shift issues but is pretty nice on the Sony A7.

    • cnick6

      Interesting Jim. I just looked at my M7 and the flange that covers the button is actually angled on the side closest to the lens. So it looks like the lens would fit my M7 just fine. It would certainly be a tight fit. Your flange isn’t angled like the M7… interesting.

      • Yes, this is strange. Does Leica have different versions of this part?

        • cnick6

          Jim did you try pushing the release button in while mounting the lens? I wonder if it’s more of a mounting issue than the collar.

        • MdB

          Speaking of different versions of parts, what handgrip colour do you have on your M-E? Did Leica make a grey version to match or do you use a silver or black M9 one?

          Really keen to hear more about these lenses, actually surprised by how many people on here have them (they didn’t get a great response during announcements etc).

          • No, this is just the regular silver grip for the M9 – I found it cheap online and got it. Regarding the IBERIT lenses – they fixed many of the issues initially reported online (new lens hood, resolved issue with mounting their lenses on film cameras).

    • hmm, I have a M6 and will try it, I just got them today and have not shot with them

      • sorry about the wrong orientation

    • I saw your pictures. Could it be that you got an early, pre-production version? When did you receive it? They just started shipping it recently. I got mine today.

      • I received it around January 20th. It’s possible it’s pre-production version. It’s SN 0008311.

        • My serial is just a few number after yours. Strange.

    • hmmm strange i have an 24/2.4 since the beginning of january, and it fits perfect my 240 and the m6ttl 🙁
      by the way i love it! it´s extreme sharp and superb built, with a nice contrast. what a pity, it´s too bad you can´t try it!
      hopefully you get it fixed anyway!!!

  • Just finished a roll of Portra400 with the 35mm f2.4. Can’t wait for the results.

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