Leica M10 half cases

→ Arte di Mano are now already selling their new Leica M10 half cases.

→ Angelo Pelle also recently released his M10 half-cases.

→ M&K Kamera M10 leather half case are available in black and brown.

→ New half case for Leica M10 with battery and SD card access from Kenjileather (available also on eBay).

→ The original Leica half case is available in 3 different colors.

→ Luigi from leicatime.com also has M10 cases for sale.

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  • Sabin Kolarov

    I’m surprised you did not included Luigi’s cases???


    • Oh yes, I forgot about them – they did not show up in my Google search. Will add them once I get back home. Thanks!

  • arte di mano; ++good

    • But they are expensive! Over $400…

      • Fact. I took a leap of faith and ordered one for my Q and honestly the quality and fit of it completely justified the cost to me.

    • Old Doc

      And they offer a replacement for the bottom plate which allows to change battery and sd-card !!
      Great idea …

      • Yes, you also remove the bottom plate, so you don’t make the camera “bigger” by adding a case.

  • SimoneDF

    Anybody got any experience with Kenjileather? They are half the price of Arte di Mano and they also offer the replacement bottom plate.

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