Sell your Leica gear to KEH for an additional 10% cash back (coupon code included)

KEH sent me this coupon code LUCKY10A for an additional 10% cash back if you sell your gear to them between 12pm EST on 3/17 and 6pm EST on 3/18 by using this link. This is how it works:

  • KEH provides an online quote on your equipment here (people are earning an average of $700 on their submitted gear)
  • You pack and ship the camera gear off to KEH for evaluation
  • KEH evaluates equipment and sends cash payment to you

Additional information:


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  • leica man

    KEH has really gone downhill when the original owners sold a few years back.
    They were always known for their conservative grading and excellent pricing.
    However currently the quality of used gear is below what it was and pricing is up.
    I don’t know who actually sells their gear to them, in some cases you’re getting less then 50% of its value.

    • YourFace

      Such a shame, I used to check their site a lot back when I was into film.

      • leica man

        Same here, but I never check it now.
        They lost me as a customer after 4 orders in a row were not as described or the item had issues.
        Sure their return policy is great, but it ties up your funds while waiting for a refund.

    • Chris

      The price is okay though. If you have a bunch of random stuff, going over ebay or forums might earn more but costs postage, fees and time.

      But they are no more than OKAY.

      I also agree their products are having more problems than it used to be.

  • FountainHead

    “10% extra” is a joke.
    Extra on top of what?
    It’s not like there’s a universal standard.

  • JFSG

    Since I was just checking yesterday on KEH as a reference, I see there is a price decrease for almost all of the gears I was planning to sell around 7%. One exception is an SIGMA ART lens. I wonder if this is a permanent drop or will come back to normal after the COUPON expires, will let you guys know.

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