Get this Leica M10 USB memory stick while waiting for the real M10 camera

The Leica M10 camera is still not in stock. While waiting for your pre-order, you can get this 16GB Leica M10 USB memory stick/key ring:

Would love to see an SL version of the M10 16mb rubber USB/Keychain. 😉 #leicasl #leica #leicacrush

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Check Leica M10 availability at our sponsors:

US Worldwide
Leica Boutique Palm Beach
Leica Store San Francisco
Leica Store Miami
Classic Connection
Meister Camera (Germany)
Reddotcameras (UK)
MKKamera (Hong Kong)
Rangefinder (Hong Kong)
9days (Hong Kong)
Map Camera (Japan)
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  • Franklin Berryman

    Only $45!!! What do they think I am, a dentist?

    • yes, cheaper than a real M10 too:)

  • Nathan Wright

    That is awful.

  • scott

    This thing is disgusting at any price. I can see the seam from miles away. Better make it in metal with cleaner curves and charge $100 for it

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