Report: Leica TL2 sales halted due to Visoflex viewfinder issue

One of the Leica authorized dealers in Europe posted on Facebook that the sales of the new Leica TL2 cameras have been halted due to some issues with the Visoflex electronic viewfinder:

"Following Leica recommendation, we pause the sale of TL2 until Leica resolve the issue with viewfinder (Visoflex). We will keep you updated."

We have to wait for the official statement from Leica to find out the details.

Like the new Leica TL2 Facebook page for a more detailed TL2 coverage.

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  • More Leica TL2 issues reported online here:


    I would think its mainly software related.

  • Gustavo

    One question: The Viso is included with the Leica TL2?

    • no

      • Are you serious? You’re lucky they include a TL2 with the TL2

  • Gustavo

    In that case is not a software problem!

  • eric

    What did people do before visoflex?

  • ChaeYoon

    This morning I was asked to send my TL2 back to a Leica dealer for a unspecified battery problem. Apparently the dealer was informed for an impending recall by Leica AG. I do not know whether my TL2 will be fixed or replaced with a new one. Anyway I noticed the TL2 battery is being drained rapidly while in usage.

  • Bill Austin Kearns

    Hey, did anyone notice that software advertised on this page? I guess it’s called “piccure+” ? And per the ad it features something called “Adpative deconvolution.” It seems that spelling/proofreading is not their forte. Bummer.

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