Leica Q Titanium model listed as discontinued

The Leica Q Titanium camera is listed as discontinued at B&H and is on backorder at Adorama. The Titanium Gray model is also no longer listed on Leica's website.

The Leica Q Typ 116 Titanium camera was announced in October last year - a pretty short shelf life compared to other Leica products.

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  • I actually might have bought this if it had been available when I got my Q. It was a relatively modest premium and it’s definitely sharp looking. I wonder why they discontinued it.

    • Maurice

      Maybe to make it more “exclusive”?

  • mark luzzi

    The one Leica digital camera I actually wanted.

  • scott

    A new Q on the way? Been wanting a 35mm Q for a long time. As good as the current Q is, 28mm is not my preferred focal length. If i have to pick one lens and stay with it everywhere, I want a 35mm

    • Mattias Burling

      I think It would cost to close to an M + 35mm.
      When looking at the lens lineup the 28mm sumilux is way further out of reach for most people compared to a 35mm.
      And given how popular 28mm is for shooters it all made perfect sense.

    • jeupsy

      Same here … give me a Q with a 35 or 40mm focal length and I will seriously consider selling my Sony RX1R and shelling out the extra cash for the Q. But 28 is in my opinion just too wide if it is the only lens you have in the camera.

      I don’t expect Leica will deliver what we want though. They clearly chose 28mm on purpose and 35mm seems too close for them to have a separate model.

    • Seven_Spades

      how about a Q with a 24-90 like the old Digilux 2?

      • the lens will be big if full frame

        • Akinobu Yoshikawa

          Right. Likely to become bigger than the zoom for the SL. Either the sensor goes down to digilux level, or the speed of the lens to be really slow like f5.6 or slower to be similar in size.
          But a small sensor f2 zoom fixed lens camera (with stabilization to compensate for the ISO) could be quite appealing.

          • Yes, make it 50mm f/2 – a good combo with the 28mm f/1.7 – carry two cameras and no need to change lenses.

  • eric

    Maybe a new Q will be released this fall.

    • I seriously doubt that – next year maybe.

  • Erica Middel

    I have looked at the Leica site and there is no mention of the Q being discontinued.

  • ZMWT

    TL titanium was first to disappear before the TL2 was introduced.

    • yes, maybe has to do with the titanium finish

  • The Q “Titanium” is listed as discontinued, not the original Q. And honestly I’ve never really understood the sense of this Q-Titanium.
    The Q is a great success of Leica, and I think they will continue producing it. Furthermore, I don’t think they need to stop the production of the Q/28 to develop a Q/35 or a Q/50.

    • I agree, the Q is a success and worth keeping in production while developing a similar camera with a different focal length.

  • Look around, maybe you can still find one.

    • Erica Middel

      I hope I can still get a titi ium, but a regular black is okay to. I wait for my dealer

    • DS

      Already gone of UK sites.

  • guoxin

    It’s listed as back-ordered now

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